I installed drupal from Acquia and the installation was stuck at the last step (Running the post script) and never finised. So I opened the Acquia control panel and dont remember exactly what I did but the installation was finished after that with a message. So the acquia was installed and I could access the PhPMyAdmin and Acquia admin as well. I have created a new database, new site and added an About Us page as well. At the end of the day, I stopped the acquia stack using the control panel. So until this point everything is working as it suppose to.

Now when I click on Acquia Control Panel icon, I get the message : "Cannot load dll: C:\My Drupal\apache\bin\libmysql.dll". I went to that location i.e. apache\bin and that dll is not there. I dont know whats missing? It was working fine but now its not. I suspect this is definitely related to the last step during the install but not sure.

Any help here is greatly appreciated



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Did you try adding the missing dll?

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Where to get that missing dll?

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try looking in your php directory.

You might need to move it to your \Windows\system32\ folder.

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I have searched my whole C drive and that file is not there anywhere? I tried downloading from internet also and put it in the \apache\bin folder but then I got another freaky error. Any other guess?

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Did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same error and don't know what I'm supposed to do if I can't get Acquia working right...

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Nowhere on Acquia Drupal does it state the newest Dev version requires Snow Leopard but that was precisely the problem.. And I cannot find the older Dev versions to download.. so I'm back to using MAMP which is fine with me.

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thank you, calefilm, that explains it.

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I also found on the mac that if you move the install folder, this error shows as well. I created a folder called dev tools in my application folder and moved the Acquia folder in there and got the error as well. When I moved it back to the main applications folder it worked fine. This was true for MAMP as well btw.