The UX of the Drupal admin screens really falls down when browsing from mobile/touch screen device.

This issue is obviously larger in scope then just the Seven theme and a complete solution would have to fall to contrib but improving the responsiveness of the Seven theme is a good place to start.

The ultimate goal would be to have an effective 'web app' experience for Drupal administrators out of the box.

I don't know whether it's best to split this up into sub issues, I would appreaite input from someone with Seven development experience.

#1137782: Remove unused CSS in Seven theme that uses desktop-sized layouts
#1137800: Increase minimum size of targets for touch screens
#1137920: Fix toolbar on small screen sizes and redesign toolbar for desktop
#1138818: Redesign the administration overlay for mobile devices
#1138844: Add touch support to contextual links


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Title: Device responsiveness. » Improve device responsiveness.
Category: feature » task
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Issue tags: +d8mux

It would be better to aggregate those issue links into the first post, so they're not spread out through the conversation, when the status changes it will be very easy to see where things are up to at a glance.

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I would love to know how you edit an issue's body, I gave up and assumed you couldn't edit it after creation.

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Issue tags: -#d8ux +Usability, +d8ux

Correct, you can't edit the initial post. My hack is to immediately put in the first comment and keep updating that.

edit: Eh, which you are already doing. No need to put in a seperate comment for each update :-)

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Updated issue summary.

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This isn't much of a meta-issue (no real discussion points). And we can track them with issue tags more easily, so I'm closing this issue if that's ok.

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Updated issue summary.