Is it possible we can pass an argument as default selected for your thumbnailhover? or any workaround to do this?



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// override these globally if you like (they are all optional)
$.fn.cycle.defaults = {
startingSlide: 0, // zero-based index of the first slide to be displayed

Ideally, I want to use that but as an argument.. Currently module using that for "Start On Last Slide Viewed", but it doesn't work if you have different results in your views. Any guidance how can I accomplish this? or is it possible to override using any available hooks?

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Can't remember if this is in 2.x, but you may be able to pass in the url #[slideshow-id]-[slideshow-num]

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Version: 6.x-2.3 » 7.x-3.x-dev
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That's a terrible answer. Marking this as a feature request to allow someone to set a default argument. This isn't going into the 2.x line, but maybe the 3.x line.

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Is this something that has been integrated? If not, is there anyway good workaround? I don't care if it's dirty, but I do need to do this one way or another. Thanks!

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Won't be with cycle lib. Will be included in the cycle2 plugin when it gets created.