The Dutch Government chooses Drupal as CMS. (dutch only)

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Government opts for Drupal

Sun, 06/03/2011 - 18:28 | by admin
The House has decided to replace the current Tridion open source CMS Drupal. Drupal is preferred over Hippo, Typo2 and Plone for its great flexibility and expanded capabilities.

Other systems in the race
Besides Drupal took them into other systems in the selection process of the government. All were open-source CMS systems, although this was not a requirement. After intensive selection process and Hippo Drupal remaining on the shortlist, then the choice finally fell on Drupal. The precise selection criteria were not known.

New direction
The job that the House is looking for a Senior Drupal specialist for a job in five months. This specialist would have to deal with the conversion of the 5 areas (4 sites and an Intranet) to the new CMS. During this migration, the content, format and layout are not changed.

Because the House has chosen Drupal they differ from the other ministries, which currently still working with Hippo CMS. By switching to Drupal, the Dutch government follows the example of the U.S. government. These steps not only to Drupal, but will also contribute to the code itself.

The government can save considerable costs through the use of open source software and open ICT standards. This appears from a preliminary study.