On http://drupal.org/project/galleria i can read that I should find "Galleria jQuery plugin"

This module allows users to create image galleries using the Galleria jQuery plugin, found on devkick.com.

devkick is a bad link, where can i else download this plugin?



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The jquery.galleria.js file is included in the download and is in the /inc/ folder.

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In further conversation with this user in IRC, the confusion came from "This module allows users to create image galleries using the Galleria jQuery plugin, found on devkick.com." which is stated on the project page. Thus the user thought it was necessary to grab the file from devkick.com. I explained that was unnecessary but the fact remains that the link to devkick.com is dead at the time of this comment.

I hesitate to alter the wording or the link without maintainer approval.

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Corrected the link. Please make a better text suggestion if it still is misleading and people think it needs to be downloaded in addition.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Hi can Somebody tell me where to install this JQuery file. I can't seem to get it to work. It keeps telling that it can't find the Galleria JQuery file in the path. "The Galleria JavaScript file was not found in its path. Please refer to README.txt for installation instructions." I am using Drupal 7 on Webmatrix.

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did you follow these two steps in the README.txt ?

1. How to install Galleria

1. Make sure the Libraries module is installed.
You can download it from it's project page at

2. Download the Galleria Javascript library from
and extract the galleria folder into your /sites/all/libraries/ directory.

thus when the galleria library is extracted it is in a galleria folder
that entire folder is uploaded to /sites/all/libraries therefore making the path to the galleria .js files /sites/all/libraries/galleria/galleria-x.x.x.js

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One more thing Galleria JavaScript version 1.4.2 (this is a current version as for 26 August 2015 that can be downloaded) requires jQuery version >= 1.8 so you need to install as well as jQuery Update Drupal 7 module as with default jQuery version 1.4 it won't work

It would be good to put this info on the Drupal Galleria project page