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The theme doesn't support color picker
Not all themes support the color picker. Check the theme's documentation to find out.
Color module is not enabled
Make sure to enable color.module on Administer » Site building » Modules (admin/build/modules).
File download settings
The color picker is incompatible with the Private download method and will only show when the download method is set to Public - files are available using HTTP directly.

Visit Administer » Site configuration » File system (admin/settings/file-system) to check the download method your site uses.

PHP's image library GD is not enabled.
Check your status report at Administer » Logs » Status Report (admin/logs/status) to see if the GD library is working on your server. This is needed to actually create the images. If it is not, you need to install it or get your host to do so for you.
Javascript is disabled.
You still see the Color scheme fieldset with a select box and a number of textboxes, but no longer the color wheel or the preview.

Make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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My hosting provider runs Microsoft IIS web servers.

I didn't see the color picker on my new Drupal installation. I let Drupal create the files subdirectory for me. I ran cron manually. Only then did I see the color wheel. Next, I tried changing my color settings. The settings page accepted my changes, and also correctly recalled my changes whenever I returned to that page. However, my changes would not take effect on the page elements.

My problem was the .htaccess file created by Drupal in the files subdirectory. I deleted .htaccess and newly defined colors for page elements took effect. Until I discover a better workaround I must delete .htaccess each time I change my theme's color settings.

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It seems also that if you are configuring the Garland theme but do not currently have Garland set for your account (despite having permissions to admin the theme), the color picker won't appear.

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From An issue queue

We should not lead anyone to believe that there is a conflict between customizing colors and the private downloading method. On the contrary, it might be reassuring to state that it's perfectly all right to change the downloading method to public, use the color picker, and change the downloading method back to private.

Forgetting to change it back to private could cause serious problems, and a corresponding warning might be helpful.

So. Under D5:

  • Visit admin/settings/file-system. Set your filesystem path to a normal public location - files or sites/{sitename}/files and set file access to public.
  • Visit your themes config page and make appropriate changes.
  • Visit admin/settings/file-system and restore the private filepath and setting.
  • Your theme remains colorized! Until you next feel like changing it.

... happiness!


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apparently the custom logo does not get integrated with a newly set up color sheme. you can put that in the color sheme folder and things go normal, but custom logos dont make it in the color theme on creation.

i altered the garland theme while not storing the logo seperately, but plain overwriting the default one in the garland folder.

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Why does the color module require the GD image library? Shouldn't it have been designed to use whatever image tookit is set in the configuration? I'm using ImageMagick and don't have GD enabled, so I can't use the color module.

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Always when i try to change the color of any theme, this message shows up to me, "The selected file could not be copied, because no file by that name exists. Please check that you supplied the correct filename.".
I looked on the directory that the images was created, and there was all images, but no .css file, so i think it might be the style.css that "is missing".
But i came to the pages of my themes, and all of them have a style.css file.
So what should i do?

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When I click on "generate schemes and enable" I receive the following error:
An error occurred. /drupal-6.16/batch?id=6&op=do
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal-6.16\sites\all\modules\color_soc08\ on line 82

I haven't found this error anywhere else on the site. Any suggestions as to what it might be? Or is there an html editor that lists line number so I can at least pin down the line of code?