When I create a custom style for content in my panel and preview the options I chose, it affects every other piece of content in the panel. What am I doing wrong?


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Does this happen only on preview or on the real panel as well?

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it changes all of the headers on the real pane

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If anyone has an answer to this it would be extremely helpful. As of now Panels is a useless module. If you can't control the formatting in each pane distinctly, then what's the use? This module has become for me a microcosm of Drupal as a whole. Drupal is more of headache than anything else. One thing gets fixed, then something else breaks. I'd rather build a site from scratch. Maybe it won't have all the impressive functionality of a Drupal site, but what's there will work. And if not, at least I know how to troubleshoot because I built it.

I appreciate the idea of having a CMS that coordinates content across a site. It seems, though, that it would be less stressful if it were simply a repository of code that can be copied and pasted. Drupal has become more like poorly designed "plug and play". Plug it in and play with the idea of committing a homicide while trying to fix the myriad issues each module creates.

Sorry. Just venting a little. The issue, however, remains. When creating a custom style in one pane, other panes with custom styles inherit the formatting. That seems to be counter to the concept of "custom style". Is this fixable? Or is the dream of Dries Buytaert dying along with the those of Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross (Firefox is becoming a bloated bag of shit, too)?

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Unfortunately, there is no information what so ever in this issue that would actually help fixing things.
Have you tried with a core theme? Where is the css causing the problem coming from?

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Closing issues with no activity in them.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I am getting exactly this problem.

I also note that when editing a custom style for a pane, the preview button sometimes updates the example Lipsum text style, and sometimes it does not. Typically, if the preview button in the style window does not cause the Lipsum text to update, then neither will the actual panel content style.

D7.14, Panels 7.x-3.2, ctools 7.x-1.0

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I am having the exact same problem with the Panels 6.x-3.x as well. Please help? Or advise that I should instead resort to CSS classes? Thanks!

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gee wiz, 3 years later and I am still having the same issue with custom styles.

Sometimes the style is applied to the pane, sometimes it is totally ignored. Other times the style is applied to ALL panes on my page.

Refreshing the cache does not help.

I seems that background colors are easy to update, but padding and text alignment is stubborn.

Something so simple as applying a style slows down work to a standstill.

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Closing this issue as outdated as Drupal 6 ctools is not supported. If this issue is relevant for Drupal 7, feel free to re-open and mark for Drupal 7 (or 8)