There are two node type use the same wysiwyg_fields icon, in same cck field. (pictures_of_texarea)
The & .info contains 'wysiwyg_fields_icon' => 'd50522754f0bc7cc44d2f5231a467fe8', this is the same in two node type export.


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Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)
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Status:Closed (won't fix)» Active

Jumped the gun on that, let's try again.

Are you referring to a feature you created yourself or the features that where packaged with the Drush make file I provided for testing purposes?

Based on the two features I put together, while there is a conflict it wasn't actually preventing the two features to be enabled side-by-side. Is it for you?

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No, my two content type are made exportable.
The core's page, and a blog_post. Both has pictures_of_textarea field using as wysiwyg_fields and the wysiwyg_fields_icon variable is same in both.

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These are in .info files:
features[wysiwyg_fields][] = "d50522754f0bc7cc44d2f5231a467fe8"
name = "Page"
package = "Features"
project = "page_fr"
version = "6.x-0.1"

features[wysiwyg_fields][] = "d50522754f0bc7cc44d2f5231a467fe8"
name = "Blog post"
package = "Features"
project = "fr_blog_post"
spaces[types][] = "og"
version = "6.x-0.2"

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In which case both features would need to export the icon as it is required by both features, which is causing the conflict. If anything it needs to be done in a way that doesn't cause a conflict but still exports the icon to both. I have a simple idea that should work, will see what I can do.

Am I right to assume that while it states there's a conflict you can still enable both features side by side?

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No, but this is minor bug for me. Now, I delete the last char, enable, then change it back. I will test soon: I think, in this case this value is irrelevant for features, because the real value of settings are defined in
I hate, that I post an issue without soultion. :)

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I'm having this problem as well. I tried szantog's workaround, and I think it worked, but I'd prefer a more permanent solution.

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I just experienced this bug which happened due to two features each exporting a content type with wysiwyg fields enabled. I was unable to enable a third unrelated feature due to the conflict. Temporary fix is to edit the wysiwyg_fields entry in the feature's .info file.