I'm having a problem executing the "Change the author of content" operation on several nodes. I put a checkbox in the nodes I'd like to update, choose the "Change the author of content" option and press "Execute." The next page appears and asks me which user I would like to change the author to. After I choose a new author and press next, I see nothing more than a blank white page. This blank white page follows me from page to page afterwards. Its like a blank overlay is stuck over every page. This problem persists until I clear cookies and refresh the homepage.

After clearing cookies and logging back in, I revisit the view. I see that the update author operation has failed to complete. All the authors remain as they were originally.

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My version of views was fresh out of git. I reverted to version 7.x-3.0-alpha1 of views and this problem disappeared.

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Same problem for me, but only in Firefox, the site would still work fine in Safari and Chrome.

Ran the debug on index.php and found that my problem was related to a line of code in Views>includes>plugins.inc, if I commented out the following line, everything worked.


But obviously, I'd rather not go around commenting out lines in Views. So I'm rolling back my database and I'll hold off installing for now.

EDIT - clearing cookies, cache, etc. did nothing for me in firefox. commenting out the code or rolling back my database were the only solutions.

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Almost the same

- The confirmation page still works, but from this moment (without clicking to "confirm") every pages (in the session) is almost blank:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_include() in [...]/sites/all/modules/views/includes/plugins.inc on line 9

- Everything is ok in every other session. if I clear the session table, everything is ok. (There is no need to clear caches.)

- If I comment out the "views_include('base');" line from views/includes/plugins.inc, (as @bradhawkins mentioned) I can execute what I want.

I use VBO 7.x-3.x-dev (Feb-25) , Views 7.x-3.x-dev (Mar-24).

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I'm getting this using VBO 7.x-3.x-dev and views 7.x-3.0-beta2 which was just released. Commenting out the views_include('base'); works for me too.

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Project: Views Bulk Operations (VBO) » Views
Component: Core » Code

Shouldn't this be in the Views issue list? Moving it.

Not sure about a blank screen, but I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_include() in .../sites/all/modules/views/includes/plugins.inc on line 9

Confirming this bug happens also in Chrome.
I got it when trying to delete users in VBO using people/list

Ugh. Now that error haunts me everywhere, even /admin_menu/flush-cache?destination=admin/structure/view
or the frontpage, or /admin
Another browser is OK, but this browser need to get closed.

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The "views_include" function is part of views.module.

As http://drupal.org/node/1108578#comment-4273550 wrote vbo is in a broken state.
I'm pretty sure this is a problem of vbo.

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It was a change in Views that brought the issue up, but the error is specific to VBO, not Views.

// @todo: Remove this once update.php can use the registry

was added recently to plugins.inc in Views. What seems to be happening is that plugins.inc is being loaded by VBO before the rest of the Views module, which is causing the "Call to undefined function: views_include" error.

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Project: Views » Views Bulk Operations (VBO)
Component: Code » Core

Okay this is really confusing.

Here is a backtrace

 1. {main}() /var/www/d7/index.php:0 0.0076 814016 2. drupal_bootstrap() /var/www/d7/index.php:21 0.0314 3768244 3. drupal_session_initialize() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:1916 0.0314 3768940 4. drupal_session_start() /var/www/d7/includes/session.inc:246 0.0314 3769028 5. session_start() /var/www/d7/includes/session.inc:276 0.0322 3974016 6. drupal_autoload_class() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:0 0.0322 3974092 7. _registry_check_code() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2609 0.0341 4104604 8. require_once('/var/www/d7/sites/default/modules/views_bulk_operations/views_bulk_operations_plugin_style.inc') /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2662 0.0341 4104908 9. drupal_autoload_class() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:0 0.0341 4104984 10. _registry_check_code() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2609 0.0347 4171156 11. require_once('/var/www/d7/sites/default/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_style_table.inc') /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2662 0.0347 4171440 12. drupal_autoload_class() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:0 0.0347 4171516 13. _registry_check_code() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2609 0.0353 4257864 14. require_once('/var/www/d7/sites/default/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_style.inc') /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2662 0.0353 4258132 15. drupal_autoload_class() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:0 0.0354 4258216 16. _registry_check_code() /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2609 0.0363 4361472 17. require_once('/var/www/d7/sites/default/modules/views/includes/plugins.inc') /var/www/d7/includes/bootstrap.inc:2684

So what this means:
vbo stores objects in batchapi
batchapi stores this in $_SESSION
$_SESSION is initialized much earlier than everything else, booom.

This seems to be a vbo issue at the end.

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_include() in www\sites\all\modules\views\includes\plugins.inc on line 9

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Title: Blank screen after execution » Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_include() in sites/all/modules/views/includes/plugins.inc on line 9

Subscribing and giving a more descriptive title.

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Priority: Normal » Major

And this is at least major because it is half the functionality of the module broken.

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Status: Active » Needs review
1012 bytes

Hopefully, this is pretty easy to fix.

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#15 not work

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Need the same fix for VIEWS_BULK_OPS_STEP_SINGLE.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Thanks Damien the patch works but i needed to start another browser to get rid of the SESSION...

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#17 not work for me — "No row selected. Please select one or more rows."

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@xandeadx: that's obviously not the same bug :)

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Patch in #17 fixed the error for me.

Except now I have more different erros :)

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I have seen this error too.
I have opened a new issue here #1126734: No row selected. Please select one or more rows.

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Tnx Damien

#17 fixes the error for me.

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#17 seems to do the trick for me as well

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yes #17 works fine

For those, who still get the error after applying the patch: you have to delete the cookies for the site, so it can rebuild the SESSION.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Thanks for the patch. Committed to latest dev.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I'm having the same issue that is only happening on firefox chrome,ie works fine. I cleared browser cache and nothing changed. I commented out views_include('base'); and error disappered is there any efficient solution except commenting views_include('base'); ? is it ok if leave commented out the function ?

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Firefox fails, Chrome works. Site (on wamp localhost) worked also in Firefox after deleting cookies.

I was fiddling around with the Finder-module (requires Views) when this happened. I do not even have Views Bulk Operations installed, so it can not be blamed.

Seems more like Views is having difficulties with other modules that require Views...
...or indeed some other modules having difficulties using Views...

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I also encountered this error using Finder module (plus Ajax). Is this possible that a registry rebuild could fix this?

Thank you

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

FYI, I had this error with Basic Cart, so I've filed #2438227: Fatal error: Call to undefined function views_include() in sites/all/modules/views/includes/plugins.inc on line 9 against Views. Lets hope that a generic solution is found so that others don't face this issue again.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
118.41 KB

Can't reproduce this issue in 7.x-3.3 release, please upgrade your module now and let me know if you are still facing an issue.


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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

Please open a follow-up issue and avoid re-opening closed issues.