I'm working with a brand new Drupal installation on a shared host. It's a premium account but it's not a dedicated server. Here's the tech stuff:

PHP Version 4.4.3
Apache Release 10337100
mod_rewrite and mod_alias are installed
Drupal 4.6.x

When one particular page is served up by Drupal, I get a 500 Internal Server Error, with a message saying to check the logs for more details. I have checked every log I can find and not found any more details. I checked the Apache error log and there are no entries. The main access log simply shows a single entry for the 500 error.

Since Drupal uses URL rewrites, I'm guessing that it's trying to serve up a page with a bad URL, but I can't seem to get any more information.

Any ideas on how to diagnose/debug this problem?



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Did you make any modification to the .htaccess file?

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Maybe your host doesn't allow Options directives in .htaccess as a security concern. At least that is what happened to me.

If your host won't grant AllowOverride privileges, simply commenting out the Options directives in .htaccess is a workaround.

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I've gotten a lot of Server 500 Errors when working on a Zeus server. Worth looking into. It is possible to run Drupal on some versions of Zeus, but it isn't easy.

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is it possible to write helo in this case for actual configuration (drupal 5-1, PHP/5.2.0, Apache/2.0)?
THX a lot

yeah I do have this problem

(configuring multisite - but the second is not drupal ist yoomla and drupal is in directory structure lower - .../yoomla/drupal and same it is on the web)