the insert module isn't cleaning up the data in the table 'content_node_field_instance' after you remove imagecache styles from the configuration in the fields/content types.

say you remove 10 styles from the list of insert - they never leave the data in the table.
if you do this over and over, the table will get huge and the site slow.

it's also not updating accordingly to imagecache preset changes.

say you add 10 styles to the list of insert, then decide the rename or delete those styles in imagecache.
the config for the styles vanishes, but they remain in the data, and can't be removed from within the UI.


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Title: imagecache clean up » ImageCache preset clean up
Priority: Normal » Minor

This is only partially true, and not enough that it would ever be a problem. If you have 20 styles and you save your field settings, settings for all 20 styles will be saved to the database. If you then delete 10 of those styles, it's true that the settings for all 20 will remain in the database, but only until the settings for the field are saved again, then they all go away and the settings for the remaining 10 styles will replace them. I don't think this is a significant enough issue to change, but I'd accept a patch to clean up our settings so that we only save settings for styles that are enabled (rather than saving both enabled and disabled presets).

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Per above.

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This look to me to be significant when you have more than 50 presets, and more than 50 content types and images fields everywhere. Run drush imagecache-build and you will appreciate the result. ;-)

The comment was completelly true but this is not a bug, this is a "lazzybug"