I am using the book module with four content types: A, B,C and D.
A is the content type for child pages and the rest are allowed in book outlines.
I also have a node reference field in A that allows users to select nodes of type A related to the one they are creating.
I am trying to use views to display all the nodes that are related to a certain type A node and also display the outline of these related nodes.

Viewing Book A.1 related topics and their outline

  • Book A.1
    • Book A.2
      • Page A.2.1
      • Page A.2.2
    • Book A.3
      • Page A.3.1
      • Page B.3.2
      • Page C.2.2

I have gotten as far as displaying all the related nodes to a certain node but I am not being able to display their outline.
Any help/critics appreciated.