I have installed JCarousel and all of dependencies for Galleria, and i still don't know how to run JCarousel with Galleria. There is no instruction, on any site in network... JCarousel is on (in Galleria settings), and configured, but not working... There is no any arrows, or something - look at screenshot, and tell me, how to run it... I'm frustrated

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I have the same problem. It makes no difference if Jcarousel is enabled or not in the Galleria settings.

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There is a bug:
When selector added to jcarousel library it has 2 (two) dots i.e. "..galleria".
You can see it in HTML output of page.
If remove second dot in file "galleria.module, line: 360"
jcarousel_add('gallery', $options);
Everything work ok.

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I have only this, at 360 line:

    jcarousel_add('.gallery', $options);

removing dot from '.galleria' does not affect

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same problem.. i cant get it working neither.

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In my case the solution was (line 361 of ~/galleria.module):
from --> jcarousel_add('.gallery', $options);
to --> jcarousel_add('gallery', $options);

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Same exact issue! I am wondering if it has something to do with the default width of the page. Mine is pretty narrow less than 600 pixels as it looks like in the screenshot at the top of the thread...just a thought. I'd hate to change the width of all my pages and mess up all the formatting just for this to work. Tried reverting to JCarousel 6x-1.1 from 6x-2.6 and still nothing as suggested in another post.

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I have the same issue. Tried changing the with of the wrapper. Didn't work. So I don't think it's a width issue.