I just installed this module into Drupal 7, configured it like this:

You are here »[node:type] » [node:title]


Is there something that I did wrong here?


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Hello, you should read the instruction (aka readme) first. :)

Correct way:


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I tried these settings, but no dice.

Also the D7 readme file doesn't seem to exist.

I'm also using panels, and I'm not sure if that could be effecting the outcome.

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I've also found that when using Panels, the node info (e.g., [node:type],[node:title], etc.) is not passed through.

If I disable panels, custom breadcrumbs functions as expected.

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There is no ReadMe for the D7 version.

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The 7.x-1.x version doesn't support panels. 7.x-2.x will, once its ported from 6.x-2.x.
I'll add a readme for the d7 version - its pretty much the same as the 6.x-1.x version at this point.

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Status: Active » Fixed

A readme.txt file has been added to 7.x-1.x-dev.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Issue tags: +custom breadcrumbs

i've installed this (Custom breadcrumbs) module. And created custom breadcrumb. Selected contenttype, and for titles wrote [term:name], for path [term:url:path].
But nothing there. there simple "Home".
I want to make like this: Home>(taxonomy/term/number) or (allias with pathauto) for example term1.
Could anybody help me? Please

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

same here. I configured custom breadcrumbs for Article nodes like so:





but it just won't appear! am I missing something? and yes, I did read the instructions.

thanks in advance,

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Version: 7.x-1.0-alpha1 » 7.x-2.x-dev
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I've been fiddling with this issue for days now with no result.

I switched themes - tried on Zen, Seven, Bartik and Omega - and nothing.

I can see the custom_breadcrumbs_node_view function is executed, but for some reason the call to drupal_set_breadcrumb doesn't work.

any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm pulling my hair out...

thanks in advance.

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well, apparently the module does execute drupal_set_breadcrumb correctly, but then the theme overrides it with its own breadcrumb implementation.

so I stored breadcrumb information in a global variable and then retrieved it via template.php - it worked.

still searching for something that works without having to fiddle with themes, though.

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Category: support » bug
Priority: Normal » Major

i have used this module a lot in D6 and always seemed pretty straightforward; but no luck so far with latest D7 -dev version.

2 issues:
- node tokens don't work for panels (i think there are other issues open for this)
- and, more importantly, the module doesn't seem to modify anything that i could see to add in a panel

i have this: http://screencast.com/t/qJV4oeKLoqDH - this is a node tpl override from panels

- the top one is the std drupal breadcrumb that i get if i enable it through theme settings - this is correct (although node tokens dont work)
- the 2nd one is the std panels Page Element -> breadcrumb, which only ever shows Home (and is not affected by even the Home setting in CB
- the 3rd is another panel content bit that the Delta module gives me; also incorrect and unaffected by CB

so i guess the question is what is it that i toss into a pane to get CB breadcrumbs?

in D6 we also use Panels and CB would override the default Breadcrumb element - pretty sure this no longer works.

BTW.. if i switch to Bartik theme, still does not work

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

patch here fixed my issue: #1251520: Panels crumbs don't get set to panels breadcrumb pane. :) - i'll mark this as duplicate

now to get node tokens working

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and as an added bonus i can now use std node cb even though overriding with panels tpl; which then means node tokens work again.. :)

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Title: Custom breadcrumbs not working in Drupal 7 » Custom breadcrumbs not working in Drupal 7 (possibly due to module execution order)
Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

thanks for the replies, liquidcms, but my problem is still there.

the solution you've found deals only with the relationship between Custom Breadcrumbs and Panels.

my problem is that there appears to be a conflict between Custom breadcrumbs and Node Hierarchy. if both are enabled, Custom breadcrumbs' output gets overridden.

I think this is related to module execution order, but I'm not sure.

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yes, i have seen other modules like either core forum or advanced forum which also are not impacted by CB.

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got it!

here's code adapted from this post which puts Custom breadcrumbs last in module execution order. that resolved the conflict with Node Hierarchy:


function reorder_cb_module_implements_alter (&$module_list, $context) {
  if ($context === "node_view") {
    $temp = $module_list['custom_breadcrumbs'];
	//removing Custom breadcrumbs key/value
	unset ($module_list['custom_breadcrumbs']);
	//adding Custom breadcrumbs key/value as the last member in the list
	$module_list['custom_breadcrumbs'] = $temp;

would you like to test and see if this solution does it for Panels conflicts?


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i see there is a hook_module_implements_alter() which means you created a module called reorder_cb? why not just add this to the cb module itself?

will give it a shot tomorrow to see if it fixes for forum/advanced forum

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yeah, that's it: I created a custom module according to tutorials I read. seemed like a pretty fast way to get the results I needed. ;)

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solution in #18 doesn't work for advanced forum's panel for a forum. likely since i don;t think the context is ever node_view; but possibly for some other context this would work.

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I had disabled and uninstalled Panels but my issue remained - something seemed to be overriding or disabling custom views and taxonomy breadcrumbs, when both had been working under the same version of CB some months ago.

Adding the code from #18 to the top of the CB module got me a little further. Suddenly, custom taxonomy breadcrumbs were functional again. Sadly, custom views breadcrumbs still are not.

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@silurius try removing the if ($context === "node_view") bit, see how it works for you and report back please.

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Issue summary: View changes

If you use the module Menu trail by path, don't forget to uncheck the option "Enable breadcrumb handling" in admin/structure/menu_trail_by_path

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The issue with panels is not order but rather that if you are not including the full node content in the page then hook_node_view is not called. That is when custom_breadcrumbs is triggered and only with build_mode == 'full'.

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@luco, would you minding sharing your code for #12?

I seem to have the same issue (with Zen overriding Custom Breadcrumbs).