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I have made a port of the patch posted in #1050118-4: Added better support for Line break converter. CKEditor is now able to load properly content where new line characters were used with one difference: the convert happens in Drupal.ckeditorOn() instead of Drupal.ckeditorToggle(), because then the convert also happens when the editor is enabled by default.

I see the code in the Drupal 6 version has changed along the way where an enterMode has been added. As I'm not yet familiar with the code I'm leaving it to someone else to add support for enterMode.

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@ MegaChriz,
thank you for patch. We try check this as soon as possible.

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Patch worked well here

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Updated patch to apply to latest module version.

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Hmm, looks like there's an issue with this behavior remaining bound even after CKeditor has been disabled. When I select the "Plain text" format CKeditor disappears, but line breaks still end up being converted to paragraph tags.

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Patch works for me, nice!

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patch#4 confirmed to work by adding <p> and <br /> tags for linebreaks on opening node edit form. ckeditor 7.x - 1.16 and 7.x-1.16+9-dev

as per #5 converting to plain text doesn't remove tags

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I think this patch should fix the issues stated in #5 by @milesw. Please test!

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, 8: d7_linebreaks-1084924-8.patch, failed testing.