The strangest error, as CKEditor works fine for some user types, but in others (authenticated user) it won't display in the *edit-body fields in cck node edit and node submit forms. But it's not strictly a user role problem, as I can get CKEditor to display in other text fields that are not edit-body of nodes. The cck field in question is the default 'body' field, so there's no way to choose between plain text/filtered text (probably not an issue as it works for other roles anyway)

I feel like I've tried everything:
-frequent cache clearing;
-uninstalling reinstalling CKeditor;
-upgrading/downgrading both the module and the CKeditor library (6.x-dev is currently installed)
-enabling/disabling all kinds of modules identified as potential conflicts from this queue and elsewhere.

But the I've been trying to pin this down for days, and now at wits end. Any other advice on any other possible paths to troubleshoot?


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Do u have any errors on Firebug?
Do u modify any filter settings, u use custom config or something like that?
Also pls list your installed modules (only active).

More info help us to find this bug and fix it... for now i can't reproduce this...


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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.2

No errors in the console. I disabled all of the non-standard filters. Disabled most non-essential modules (cck & views & panels still enabled). Still no fix yet, but I'm getting closer...

Whenever I grant a user more than one role, ckeditor appears. It doesn't seem to matter which combination or which level. But if I enable only one, regardless of level, then ck editor does not appear. The only exception is user 1- user 1 can always access the ckeditor, even though it belongs to no group! This is really strange as it's contrary to what I've read in the user 1 needs to be assigned to a group to access ckeditor.

I have multiple permission levels on my site (CK editor enabled for all, except anonymous)
In descending order:
5 - admin
6 - uberstaff
4 - staff
7 - Founding Member
2 - authenticated user

This order is reflected in the role precedence in the global settings.

[EDITED for clarity of settings]

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Version: 6.x-1.2 » 6.x-1.3
Category: support » bug
Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

I'm having the same issue, even after installing to the latest release.

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Version: 6.x-1.2 » 6.x-1.3

I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a browser-based security add-on NoScript for Firefox. Although it sounds like your issue is not browser-related like mine. Also make sure in all your CKEditor profiles "Editor appearance" section you did not set the default state to disabled (check your Advanced profile first).

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Thanks, hvang, but unfortunately not browser related, and I think I'm able to rule out that it's not the setting either.

I completely uninstalled the module and the library. Then I manually removed all trace of the module from my database (permissions, etc) and reinstalled everything. Enabled for all roles, set the ckeditor's visibility to "exclude" in global settings (also in default and advanced) so the editor *should* display everywhere, but still same issue. The editor displays in every place except of course where I need it - in the edit-body fields of a cck node. It works if more than one roles are assigned (even if these roles have the exact same permissions).

One thing that I did notice was that I had a removed a role type somewhere along the way, so now have roles numbered 2 4 5 6 7. Don't know if that's somehow related to the issue.

I hope I can help find this bug, as the WYSIWYG API version isn't really an option for me. But I really don't know where else to look.

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Version: 6.x-1.11 » 6.x-1.3
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Active
Issue tags: -CKeditor not displaying

Problem went away after installing and enabling better formats module (with no additional config). Probably something particular to my install, but I hope this might saves someone else from hours o' pain.

EDIT - turns out that's not ot. It's still not working completely - more than one role must be assigned for ckeditor to appear

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The issue can also be due to errors in the theme. Add <?php print $page_top; ?> and <?php print $page_bottom; ?> before the body tag.

   <?php print $page_top; ?>
   <?php print $page_bottom; ?>

I added these two line in my theme and the freezing problem was gone.

For D6 theme:

   <?php print $scripts ?>
   <?php print $closure ?>
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In my case, its a problem of the theme .. I have a D6-installation with fresh ckeditor module and program and I use ChaiGaram ( With Garland everything is fine.

But inserting the code of #7 does not help. Any idea?

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I had this problem when upgrading from 6.x-1.2 to 6.x-1.3 - the CKEditor disappeared from any 'body' inputs for all content types. I already posted the full info in a reply to a similar thread (see Do not work anymore after update!.

Relevant information:

  • When I look at the firebug Console tab -> All and Error tabs, I see the following problem that seems like it's relevant to this issue:
    (red x) w is undefined -> ckeditor.js?I (line 87).
  • When I revert back to v1.2 the CKEditor works fine.
  • It's not user dependent - whether I'm logged in as admin or an authorized user, I cannot see the CKEditor
  • If I switch from my custom theme (Genesis subtheme) to Bluemarine, I still cannot see the CKEditor, so it doesn't appear to depend on the theme.
  • I have this problem in both Chrome and Safari, so I don't think it's browser dependent either.
  • I double checked permissions and that is not the problem either

I have been using the CKeditor on a local/staging/prod setup, so I left the CKeditor 'unfixed' on the staging site, but fixed on my local machine. I hadn't moved the changes to prod as I was testing still. If you want to check out the problem on the staging site, it's a wiki so anyone with an account can log in and change the content - you could see for yourself the problem if you'd like. The staging site is - sign up for an account and then try editing any page or wiki page - for example

See my other post at Do not work anymore after update! for a list of enabled modules on this site.

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Update from my post above: this is behaving strangely - the CKEditor is now displaying but all of the editing options are not available (see screenshot). The only options available are bold, italics, ol, ul, link, and CKeditor about. The things that have changed about the site are the following:
Added and enabled the following modules:

  • JQuery_update
  • Colorbox
  • Nodereference_URL
  • Views_attach

I no longer see the error in the Firebug-> Console -> All tab.

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I still haven't solved my problem - I gave up for a while istead of beating my head against this, hoping there'd be a module update that would miraculously fix this problem.

I'm fairly certain that this problem began with the update from 1.2 to 1.3, but I'm not certain when it stopped working. All I can say conclusively is that 6.x-1.3 has never worked for me. For me, it's not theme specific (same in Garland), though I did try moving the $scripts to the bottom of the page with no difference.

But the plot thickens:
I have users assigned to one of two roles - default and advanced. Advanced users also have permission to see the default toolset, but they are arranged so the advanced toolbar should take prescendemce.

Case 1: The WYSYIWYG is not loading for the default users - they see the raw text field. However, if they click "preview" the page reloads with the editor working!

Case 2: Advanced users see the "default" panel on the initial load, but if preview is clicked, the Advanced panel loads!

Not sure what to make of this yet, but certainly theres some logic to this. A path to redemption, perhaps?

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

I finally found the source of the problem - it turned out to be a module conflict after all. Apparently my cache was not fully clearing each time when I was troubleshooting by disabling modules one at a time.

One (or more) of the following modules was the cause: project, project_issue, comment_upload

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Found the problem to be project_issue and comment_upload too. Disabling those modules, CKEditor works immediately. Enabling them, it's gone again. I notice that the modules stop the js file from being included in the html when project_issue, comment_upload are enabled.

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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.11
Status: Closed (fixed) » Reviewed & tested by the community

I found the solution to the problem, or at least for my project.
I also activated the module and had set Jammer "teaser Remove controls on content types: ...".
I uncheck the content types and CKEditor reappeared.

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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.11
Status: Active » Reviewed & tested by the community
Issue tags: +CKeditor not displaying

also, one item that could be causing this is IE 7, 8 and 9 have a limit of 31 CSS sheets so if you go above that number, stuff starts breaking. i fixed this by enabling CSS optimization in site performance. the other modules causing an issue still may be valid, or they might have just put you over that 31 and disabling them brought you under that limit; who knows.

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Don't know if this will help anyone but I have experienced this exact issue with the edit-body fields showing blank. For me it was a conflict with the jquery version loaded. I was originally using jquery_update ( which updated jquery to 1.3.2 along with ckeditor 3.6.2 from and the plugin 6.x-1.11. When I upgraded the jquery_plugin to a patched version ( so that I could load jquery 1.7.1 for some other modules, ckeditor broke. As soon as I deactivated that module, all was good. I see that there is an update to ckeditor which is now at 3.6.5 so I may try this update and then re-activate my pathed jquery_update to see if it works.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Closed (works as designed)

Multiple problems, but nothing to fix here ;) #12 #14 and #15 are 3 different problems and all have been solved. #16 is another problem (and maybe the root cause for others). It is not CKEditor that breaks, it is JavaScript. When you use jQuery 1.7 with jquery_update in D6, it breaks in jquery.form.js (see #1067290: Fix jQuery 1.7 for Drupal 6) AFAIK.

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Issue summary: View changes

i have Drupal 7 and Tb Sirate 7.x-1.0 theme installed and also got this problem.
"Fixed" it by checking the box in permission for user role "View the administration theme"

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CKEditor 7.x-1.16
CKEditor script 4.3

jQuery Update 7x-2.4 has a setting to change "Alternate jQuery version for administrative pages". Setting it above 1.8 causes ckeditor to stop working.

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Drupal 7.37
jQuery Update 7.x-2.5
Default jQuery Version 1.10

CKEditor 7.x-1.16 (module version)
CKEditor 4.4.7 (from staus page)

My Problem was that the ckeditor was showing on Taxonomy create form but not on node add/edit forms.
Applying the solution of WiredEscape #19, solved my problem.