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SHA-1: ed62c8729c84a89c4c625d50fcd8b2120047e342
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Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/search_api:^1.0'
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Release info

Created by: drunken monkey
Created on: 4 Mar 2011 at 18:26 UTC
Last updated: 5 Mar 2011 at 12:49 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Important note: There is still a critical issue in this release: #1081244: Debug line still contained in database backend. Please wait for the Beta 7 release with this issue fixed, that will be available in the next few days.

This release contains both a lot of bug fixes and a bunch of new features. There are a few API changes, too, but those shouldn't break backwards-compatibility in any way.
New features include:

  • A new Views display for displaying static facet blocks linking to the search view — e.g., for providing a landing page with a list (or tag cloud) of popular terms/topics/authors.
  • A new data alteration for indexing the entity as it would look like when viewed in the browser.
  • UI improvements for (among others) facet blocks, the "Current search" block, the "Aggregated fulltext fields" data alterations and search pages.

All changes since Beta 5

API changes

  • [#1075810] by drunken monkey: Added API function for marking entities as dirty.
  • [#1043456] by drunken monkey: Form validation/submission for plugins.
  • [#1048032] by drunken monkey: Add a hook for altering the indexed items.


  • [#1068334] by drunken monkey: Added a data alteration for indexing the viewed
  • [#1080376] by drunken monkey: Fixed "Current search" block field names.
  • [#1076170] by drunken monkey: Added a Views display plugin for facet blocks.
  • [#1064518] by drunken monkey: Added support for entity-based Views handlers.
  • [#1080004] by drunken monkey: Fixed confusing "Current search" block layout.
  • [#1071894] by drunken monkey: Fixed incorrect handling of boolean facets.
  • [#1078590] by fago: Added check to skip default index creation when installed via installation profile.
  • [#1018366] by drunken monkey: Added option to hide active facet links.
  • [#1058410] by drunken monkey: Added overhauled display of search results.
  • [#1013632] by drunken monkey: Added facet support for the database backend.
  • [#1069184]: "Current search" block passes query parameters wrongly.
  • [#1038016] by fago: Error upon indexing inaccessible list properties.
  • [#1005532]: Adaption to Entity API change (new optionsList() parameter).
  • [#1057224] by TimLeytens: Problem with entity_uri('file').
  • [#1051286]: Show type/boost options only for indexed fields.
  • [#1049978]: Provide a "More" link for facets.
  • [#1039250]: Improve facet block titles.
  • [#1043492]: Problems with default (exported) entities.
  • [#1037916] by fago: Updates must not call API functions.
  • [#1032708] by larskleiner: Notice: Undefined variable: blocks.
  • [#1032404] by larskleiner: Notice: Undefined index: fields.
  • [#1032032] by pillarsdotnet: search_api_enable() aborts with a database error on install.
  • [#1026496]: status doesn't get set properly when creating entities.
  • [#1027992] by TimLeytens: Filter indexed items based on bundle.
  • [#1024194] by TimLeytens: Provide a search block for each page.
  • [#1028042]: Change {search_api_item}.index_id back to an INT.
  • [#1021664]: Paged views results empty when adding facet.
  • [#872912]: Write tests.
  • [#1013018]: Make the "Fulltext field" data alteration more useful.
  • [#1024514]: Error when preprocessing muli-valued fulltext fields.
  • [#1020372]: CSS classes for facets.


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