How do I remove N/A from Radio Button list?
I don't want the option required.
I have seen these two Documentation pages:, and, but they pertain to CCK on D6.



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Try not making the field mandatory

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I didn't make the field mandatory. When you make it mandatory the n/a goes away, but I don't want the field mandatory.

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Has anyone got a solution for this? I also don't want to make the field mandatory.

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Thank you its save my time

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The reasoning of why the n/a appears in this situation makes sense to me: "Removing the n/a option means a user cannot empty the field. 'no value' is a valid value for a non-required field." But I also get that it won't always make sense from a user's perspective.

It would be nice if you could change what N/A said, that you could make it the default, and that it would be selected again when you come back to edit it.

However, there is one non-coding workaround to at least address the language issue:

Make the field required, AND add your own version of the N/A that makes sense in context: unknown, undecided, decline to answer, etc... And make it the default value.

The downside to this is that this answer would appear in the content (unlike when N/A is selected).

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The problem is there are perfectly valid use cases for actively forcing the user to make a selection that does not include any type of n/a. Providing a default means it could be that the user didn't even bother to read the question or actually select the submitted response.

I haven't had to do this for d7 yet, but in a pinch you could use a select list instead.

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just an FYI, this might be an "edge case":
I'm adding a "gender" checkbox to my user profile and preselect it with male (90% male audience on my site...).
I don't want to make it a required field on registration, only on "edit" to fill out additional profile fields.
If I make the field required it will automatically be required on the user registration page.
I can hide the DIV for the "N/A" option with css.

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It gets worse with the below bug. If you make a radio field required, then you are screwed when submitting the form when no user selects it. So what, you say? If you use javascript/ajax/conditional fields module to create conditional forms, then you are S.O.L.
Bug since 2010

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Wouldn't the solution in this edge case be to check N/A by default and then hide it (either via css or in the form tpl.php) That way the default is "Not Answered" but both radio buttons can display as unchecked. I also think this wouldn't interfere with conditional fields.

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Well, yes, any Drupal problem can be solved with writing your module or altering the form or template. I think the issue is that the person wants to do this without having to write anything (non-coding).

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Try using something like this

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If you are working with Drupal 7 and using the Drupal interface; after adding all of your fields, save. go back into manage field and remove the NA choice by deleting it. done.

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I've never seen this in D7.

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You can add a class definition of display:none, if you do not want it to be mandatory.
In this way you can mange it in both node create/edit form and also in node view.

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A quick solution is to have Drupal add a form-disabled class to the N/A form-item by adding the following function to your template.php file.

function _form_element($variables) {
  $element = $variables['element'];
  // Disable radio button N/A
  if ($element['#type'] == 'radio' && $element['#return_value'] === '_none') {
    $variables['element']['#attributes']['disabled'] = TRUE;
  return theme_form_element($variables);

Then you can use CSS to do

.form-radios .form-disabled {
  display: none;
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Thank you!


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Thanks. Works like a charm!

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@incaic, clean and simple--thanks!

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After adding bellowed single line's code on your hook_form_alter "N/A" removed from Radio Buttons.


Thank you.

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Thanks saru1683, It worked smoothly.

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I see this all the time, "add this to your hook_form_alter."
Where is this hook_form_alter?

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Simply edit the field and select Unlimited for "Number of values".

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This will change the use of the field.

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Not a solution, rather a D7 design suggestion; simply make it a field setting to disable the “N/A” for the given field. This provides for both valid use cases where it is needed as well as where it might not make sense from the users perspective. In those cases where it might not make sense to a user, there would be a known limitation of the form – that a user could not ‘empty’ the field. This could be desirable, in fact. Ultimately the designer should be aware that the field has a null value when no option is selected and when “N/A” is disabled users cannot null or empty the field. For maximum usability a simple note to this affect can be added to the field settings form. The “N/A” text label should be configured with this setting as well, as someone suggested earlier.

@powersurge making the number of values unlimited results in check boxes, not radio buttons. Radio buttons impose a 1 and only 1 value for a field, which is often desirable.

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To do this in Drupal 7...

The port of the D6/CCK solution ( to D7 fields it to use hook_element_info_alter to add an additional process function to radios. You can put this in a custom "tweaks" module for your site. This will globally apply to all radio buttons on your site.

function MODULENAME_element_info_alter(&$type) {
  $type['radios']['#process'][] = '_MODULENAME_remove_radio_na';

function _MODULENAME_remove_radio_na($element) {
  return $element;


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This works perfectly. Tnx!

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To hide the N/A,

Go to the Content type ->mange fields->click the edit link for specific field
select N/A as a default value
Then save it

Now check with Add Content->content type.

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Setting the N/A as default does not work for me (comment form fields).

But cwells solution does, thanks.

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works for me too, thx!

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using formalter you can do this.

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Does anyone know how this is looks like in D8? Is there any UI to turn off N/A option for not required filed?

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I strive to reduce complexity in the systems I build. Following is a CSS only solution. Replace the example field machine names with yours.

#edit-field-history-of-prematurity-und > div:nth-child(1),
#edit-field-diagnosed-und > option:nth-child(1),
#edit-field-history-of-hypoxia-und > div:nth-child(1),
#edit-field-ekg-und > div:nth-child(1) {
    display: none;
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I agree; complexity is charming while in development but painful if you'll have a issue
Thank for simplest and working solution