Hi ppl,

I want to know if there is a module (or how can I make it manually) which permits me to add extra fields to the user register form. For example I need to add an extra textfield and two radio button which permit user to select a role and if he has selected 'X' role I need to asign it to him.



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The core profile module allows you to add fields to a users profile and make them visible in the user registration form.

The autoassignrole module - http://drupal.org/project/autoassignrole - gives the user the ability to select the roles you make available. Then you can use a rule to assign the user the role when they submit the registration form or update their profile.


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Hi micnap,

Thanks for your help. I found the option that permit me add extra fields to the user registration form. Now my doubt is that if I am able to have more than one form register. I see that most ppl recommended the content profile module but I have followed the instructions that I found but I couldn´t configure it. Do you know any way reach that functionallity.

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I also want to add custom fields to my user registeration page, where are the options you mentioned for those additions? Thanks.