I need to display a custom login bar on my right-side-bar but get a WSOD instead. Based on the tutorials at http://drupal.org/node/350634 and http://drupal.org/node/92657 I have the following in my template.tpl.php. Though there are functions for user registrations and user password in my code below, they can be ignored since my question is only about displaying the login bar

function lw_theme() {
  return array(
    'user_login' => array(
      'template' => 'user-login',
      'arguments' => array('form' => NULL),
    'user_register' => array(
      'template' => 'user-register',
      'arguments' => array('form' => NULL),
    'user_pass' => array(
      'template' => 'user-pass',
      'arguments' => array('form' => NULL),

function lw_preprocess_user_login_block(&$variables) {
  $variables['intro_text'] = t('');
  //I don't need to display the text hence I have empty quotes
  $variables['rendered'] = drupal_render($variables['form']);

function lw_preprocess_user_register(&$variables) {
  $variables['intro_text'] = t('Billions of blue blistering boiled and barbecued barnacles! You aren''t registered yet');
  $variables['rendered'] = drupal_render($variables['form']);

function lw_preprocess_user_pass(&$variables) {
  $variables['intro_text'] = t('This is my super awesome insane password form');
  $variables['rendered'] = drupal_render($variables['form']);

function lw_user_bar() {
  // This creates the bar
  global $user;
  $output = '';
  // Check if user is NOT logged in
  if (!$user->uid) {
    $output .= drupal_get_form('user_login_block');
  else {
    $output .= t('', array('!user' => theme('username', $user)));
    $output .= theme('item_list', array(
      l(t('Your account'), 'user/'.$user->uid, array('title' => t('My account'))),
      l(t('Sign out'), 'logout')));
  $output = '
' . $output . '
'; return $output; }

In my page-front.tpl.php I have the following
if (!empty($right)):


In the blocks configuration I have just enabled the search bar to be displayed on the right-side-bar. Ideally the login bar should appear in the right-side-bar followed by the search bar below it. But for some reason I get a WSOD. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Any help would be appreciated.