I'm trying to achieve an expanded/active menu item for node pages. The corresponding menu item is a taxonomy term that's assigned to that node. That's the point of this module right? I tried every combination of every setting on admin/settings/taxonomy-menu-trails with the correct vocab selected for the node type, cleared cache, reset browser - no go.

I'm using OpenPublish and I'm trying to replicate the default behavior of the primary links menu for taxonomy term pages, for my node pages as well. This behavior can be seen here: http://ap.openpublishapp.com/topic-hub/technology (Topic Hub > Technology).

I'm also using Taxonomy Menu. I disabled it and tried all the settings again, but still no go. The following are my modules. If anyone ever cares to test, you can easily run OpenPublish on a free account at WebEnabled.com.

admin admin_menu advanced_help advuser apachesolr apachesolr_commentsearch apachesolr_date apachesolr_nodeaccess apachesolr_search autoload better_formats block blog bulk_export calais calais_api calais_geo calais_tagmods ckeditor ckeditor_link cmf comment content content_copy context context_ui cookie_cache_bypass ctools ctools_access_ruleset ctools_custom_content custom_breadcrumbs custom_breadcrumbs_identifiers custom_breadcrumbs_panels custom_breadcrumbs_paths custom_breadcrumbs_taxonomy custom_breadcrumbs_views custom_breadcrumbsapi custompage custompage_ui date date_api date_popup date_timezone devel diff document_cloud drupalforfirebug_preprocess elysia_cron emaudio emfield emimage emvideo features feeds feeds_ui fieldgroup filefield filefield_paths filefield_sources filter flag flickrapi flowplayer3 globalredirect gmap help hierarchical_select hs_menu hs_taxonomy hs_taxonomy_views ie_css_optimizer imageapi imageapi_imagemagick imagecache imagecache_ui imagecrop imagefield imagefield_tokens imce imce_mkdir install_profile_api jcarousel job_scheduler jquery_ui jquery_update l10n_update libraries link locale login_destination memcache_admin menu mimedetect mimemail modalframe mollom morelikethis morelikethis_flickr morelikethis_googlevideo morelikethis_taxonomy morelikethis_yboss node node_embed nodeblock nodequeue nodereference noderelationships nodewords nodewords_admin nodewords_basic nodewords_custom_pages nodewords_extra nodewords_tokens nodewords_verification_tags number onepixelout op_article op_audio op_author op_author_layout op_author_panels op_blog op_contexts op_default_workflow op_default_workflow_nodetypes op_defaults op_editors_choice op_event op_image op_imagecrop_config op_imce_config op_misc op_package op_resource op_slideshow op_solr op_videos op_workflow_bonus openid openidadmin openpublish_administration openpublish_core openpublish_menu openpublish_popular_terms optionwidgets page_manager paging panels panels_mini panels_node path path_alias_cache path_redirect pathauto premium premium_default_off premium_views_field profile rdf rel_to_abs rules rules_admin scheduler search search404 statistics stringoverrides strongarm swfobject2 swftools system tabs taxonomy taxonomy_menu taxonomy_menu_hierarchy taxonomy_menu_path_custom taxonomy_menu_trails taxonomy_menu_vocabulary_path text token tokenSTARTER token_actions topichubs topichubs_calais_geo topichubs_contributors topichubs_most_comments topichubs_most_recent topichubs_most_viewed topichubs_panels topichubs_recent_comments topichubs_related_topics translation translation_helpers transliteration twitter_pull upload user userreference varnish views views_content views_export views_ui viewscarousel workflow

Thanks for a quality effort. This module would be great if it worked.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Nevermind it's not the module. The module works for the primary links block, but doesn't work for the custom menu provided by the theme. I imagine there would need to be custom work done in the theme.