I am creating a multilingual site and need the help of friends to an issue that has not found the answer. I followed the "Tutorial - Building a multi-language site" and used the first option to translate the menu.

DISCLAIMER: The content provided for the second language, does not meet 100% of the content available to the first language (in the first language I have local content, like articles and news that are not available for the second language).

Thus, only part of the contents of the first language is translated into the second language.

For the creation of the front page for the first language, I created a page (admin/build/pages) and I made available content through views. This page is named "home" and was set to homepage.

For the creation of the front page for the second language, I followed the previous procedure. I created a new page, offering different content (only that which is translated into a second language) and saved with the name and address: language/home.

As the contents of the second language is less than the first language, the columns layout is different between the front pages.

When I access the homepage of the second language appears the entire contents of the first language without any translation and with all the content available on the front page of the first language.

Thus, I must know how to customize a home page for each language on the website.

Can you help me?



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In order to show on "each" frontpage just the articles wroten in the language choosen by the user, try this one:

Add a filter in the 'page' tab of the view named 'frontpage'. The filter is of type "node language", and you can choose to show just the right language according to the user's preferences, or any non-translated content in addition to this.

NB: in this case, you just use one 'frontpage': the multi-language feature of Drupal will automagically add the language prefix into the URL, and so on.

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Hello Thierry.

Thanks for your advice, but maybe I haven't expressed myself well. Consider:

1) I need to have two front pages in the system. The first, in my native language, is configured with the address "home" and should display articles, news, history and activities of the site. The second, in a different language, is set to "language/home" and should only display the history and activities of the site.

2) I use the module Front Page on my site. Anonymous users and authenticated users accessing the page "home" in the first language and "language/home" at second language.

3) The contents of the "language/home" is displayed correctly in the second language when I'm in the pre-view web page (admin/build/pages/nojs/operation/page-NAME/handlers/page_NAME_panel_context/preview), including in relation of the language.

4) However, when I'm browsing the site, if I'm in the front page (home), when I change the language for the second language, I would see the contents of the "language/home", but not is this what is happening because the content displayed is the same of the page "home". The menus and links (read more, etc.) are displayed correctly in the second language.

The impression I have is that Drupal, despite having the page "language/home" is not able to see it, or that the configuration is not correct, that is, it seems that the page "language/home" is being ignored.

I followed your instructions and the system really is converting the first language to the second when the user switches between languages, but the content displayed to the second language is the same of the first language. The menus and links (read more, etc.) are displayed correctly in the second language, but point to the unique content of the first language.

The pages home and language/home, were created through pages (admin/build/pages). Each of the pages use different views to your content.

What can I do to make the front pages operating in accordance with my needs?


Astuto (Sergio)

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I solved the problem by following these instructions. Thanks.

Astuto (Sergio)