Hello all,

I've been working with the Danland template/theme for a few days now and really like it so far. The only issue that I've had are with Internet Explorer 9 and it not wanting to display the page correctly. All other browsers work fine.

Site Name: http://www.evarsys.com

Any support suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have the same problem, that looks exactly the same. Please help, thank you

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Not noticed this before, can you clearing the cache please.. and report to me what you get.


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I actually fixed my problem by optimizing CSS and Javascript in performance. Thanks.

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@mashizhao: thank you for let me know about the fixed :)

Little weird since its okay in previous version of IE. I will keep this open, so other users that found similar issues can read this thread.


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HEllo, im also having a very odd problem with the IE9, my website is not showing at all, only the background, i have optimized the css and the javascript but still no luck, any clues guys

thank you


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had rendering issues w IE 9.0.8. Page looked like it had no theme. Optimize css and cache worked.

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Just thought I'd throw some info out there in case anyone is wondering why this happens while using such fine software as IE:

  • IE will only recognize the first 31 stylesheets it's given. i.e. IE will not read the 32nd stylesheet sent to it.
  • IE will only recognize the first 4095 CSS rules it sees. i.e. the 4096th rule and beyond will be ignored by IE.
  • IE also has restrictions on @import rules set by CSS files. Please see this link for more info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262161.

On the subject of IE9, sometimes you might encounter a page that does render properly in IE7 or IE8, but not in IE9. A simple solution this particular IE problem (one of many) is to send a header by which IE can be told to render the page in backwards-compatibility mode. I didn't see a module that would do something like this so I just wrote a quick one myself, as does follow:
Note: I called the module IE8 because that's the version that rendered properly for me. If IE7 gives you better results, simply replace every instance of the number 8 (below) to a 7.

  • Inside sites/all/modules, create a folder called ie8, inside of which you'll need to create two files: ie8.info and ie8.module.
  • For Drupal 7, place this inside the ie8.info file (do the same for Drupal 6, but change core = 7.x to core = 6.x)
    • name = IE8
      description = Sends X-UA-Compatible IE8 headers for IE.
      core = 7.x
  • For Drupal 7, place this inside the ie8.module file:
    • <?php
      function ie8_init() {
        $name = 'X-UA-Compatible';
        $val = 'IE=8';
        drupal_add_http_header($name, $val);
  • ... or for Drupal 6, place this inside the ie8.module file:
    • <?php
      function ie8_init() {
        $ie8 = 'X-UA-Compatible: IE=8';
  • Enable said module.

Hope that helps... :)

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Jerdiggity, thanks for the great info regarding IE and it's stylesheet processing. Solved an issue I was dealing with for the last few weeks!

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So glad this was posted. I've been working with a Danland site for weeks now, but my desktop OS is XP, so I couldn't look at it with IE9. When I finally did, there were a couple oddities, like almost everything on the homepage below the logo being shifted up about 20px, so bottom of the logo covered the top half of the main menubar. And a couple other things were not vertically positioned properly. But jerdiggity's "module" cleared it right up.