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Simplenews is a great module and a lot of Drupal sites use it to send mass mailing to users or subscribers. However, Simplenews has some per-design limitations:

  1. The messages cannot be personalized based on the recipient data. You cannot insert formulas like "Dear [first-name] [last-name]" or "Your account balance is $[amount]".
  2. It doesn't accept other kind of data as recipient list. Subscriptions are basically stored as a list of E-mail addresses in a specific table. For example you cannot use nodes as recipient list.
  3. While subscribers list is a simple E-mail addresses list, you cannot perform advanced filtering on recipients data in order to target very fine subsets of subscribers.

Here comes Views Send!

Views Send allow sending mass mailing using Views Bulk Operations. With Views Send you can:

  1. Use any kind of recipient list as input. The only constrain is that the list must be built with Views.
  2. Build very fine tuned lists of recipients using the power and flexibility of Views module. As long as is based on Views, you can take advantage of using Exposed Filters in order to increase the user experience when building the mass mailing target.
  3. Manually limit the list provided by Views using checkboxes provided by Views Bulk Operations (VBO).
  4. Select additional fields in Views and inject their values in the message body or subject as tokens. Each message for each recipient is now fully customizable by using recipient data or context tokens provided by Token module.
  5. Last but not least... Better spooling philosophy: Each message is fully renderized before spooling. Simplenews keeps only the nid and renders on spool process. What if node was deleted in the meantime?

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hm, and what about anonymous subscribers? Simplenews can handle them, but Views Send?

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Although this looks to be an awesome beginning, there are some things Simplenews does that Views Send doesn't. I would add the capability to Opt Out in a link at the bottom of each mail. Although there are methods available if the person has an account, they still require them to log in and unsubscribe. See

Having a simple link at the bottom of every mail makes it easy for someone to opt out. Not only does this look more professional, it is essential for CAN-SPAM compliance in the US. Please at least consider adding support for anonymous subscribers and unsubscribe. (I know, I'll get working on that patch.)

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The messages cannot be personalized based on the recipient data.

This isn't true. Simplenews integrates with the Token module at, so you can send highly personalized emails.

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One big advantage of Simplenews module is that we can see Simplenews Statistics - It is possible to see who opens the email, how many times, when click it and many more. Hope this will also come in views send module.

Sandip Choudhury