Hallo there!

I would like to build a personal website using drupal, but I've not much idea how to do so!
I've download:
drupal-4.7.4, and apache2triad, and made some configurations that explaned in drupal book by David Mercer

I don't know how to work with text,files,images...(like Microsoft FronPage page)
Thanks a lot in help ...


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For a starter drupal is nothing like Microsoft Frontpage. Going from Frontpage right to drupal is a difficult step and requires a lot of learning new things and a new approach to creating a website.

Besides continuing reading the drupal book, you should read through the Handbooks here (including learning about and getting used to taxonomy), and get some modules (TinyMCE plus IMCE).

Depending on what you want for your personal website, drupal might be a little overkill but this is absolutely not a reason to not use drupal for this purpose.

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thankyou for your input. I new, I was studying frontpage then that computer broke. then here I am. but can anyone suggest how I can get a person to walk me thru each set up, so I can go on with a simple network? I don't want to select settings to take me backward, + now I looking up each word. but my ideal is to get project up, to support eye to eye network. I'm into networking peace for all life to have ability to live ones potential, not learn computer language when so many of you already know it. I want to include computer as a tool to reach out. but I do want to responsibly offer a good network, + maintain it. which I don't presently have close to me/nor have met yet afar for computer personal help. my ideals work, I just need to get the webpage to work. is their a list of folks wanting a temporary part time job to walk me thru over the net? + with skype?

I appreciate your experienced perspective, kara

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Start with texts

Dont worry yet about inserting HTML codes

First of all, Drupal does not require you to know anything about settings

After you succesfully install it and created yourself as the admin (user/1), you will see at the left side menu the `CREATE CONTENT' - click on it and you will have PAGE and STORY

Select PAGE - you will get SUBMIT A PAGE

Insert a title like abc

Lets say you have a 500 words article, just copy and paste it to your `body'

Then click submit, and watch how Drupal takes care of the article, it is published

Go back to `Home' and see how your `front page' looks like

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thanx for reply!

I've done that, but I still don't know how to create home page which contain information and navigation
links to the other pages in the site (like pages on http://www.drupalsites.net/ )

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Now delve further deep

But still you dont have to configure anthing yet

Just click admin so that it expands (or open in new tab if using Firefox)

You will see
- block
- menu

Now what you need to do is `Block' and `Menu'

Click `block'
- You will have the option of using `auto block / module block' or `Add Custom Block'

Click `menu'
- And you can either add new menu item under `Navigation', or create a separate new Menu
- In creating new menu item, you dont have to use HTML code `a href=', Drupal takes care of it, just supply the correct URL (if external link), or the name of the Drupal section (example: blog image forum tracker user user/1 etc) *You will appreciate that Drupal has PATH ALIAS

For `module blocks, you will have to enable certain modules like blog and forum, only then you will get to see the `Latest Blogs / Forum '

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I too have also ready David Mercer's book cover to cover and it doesn't go into much detail about theming. If you want to customize a theme, I recommend reading the IBM articles, specifically part 7 and part 8. Then when you're more comfortable with Drupal code, read this for the variables that help with the theming process.

When developing the theme, I recommend highly that you develop using firefox and the web developer module to track the element ancestors and children to style them properly with CSS.

Now when you're working with images, you need the upload module, the image module, and maybe another module called upload image. TinyMCE is good too, but make sure you watch your filters.

Now if you're read the David Mercer book, I'm sure you know how to make a page that works like a personal homepage/blog. The menu system is very well laid out in the book, and the front page layout is more then sufficient for a blog.

Becoming a Drupal ninja only comes with time. I started using Drupal over a year ago and only now am I able to make my own themes.

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I'm still fairly new to Drupal myself (my first site is still only an offline development version), don't know the book by David Mercer nor have I ever worked with Frontpage. Nevertheless, I hope I can help you out with some pointers. If I'm erroneous about something, others are more than welcome to set me straight. I don't know how familiar you are with HTML, so for now, I'll assume you are not.

Static versus dynamic
You need to ask yourself a few questions prior to setting up your Drupal site. Obviously, you need to know what you want to put up, but it is also important to think about who will be posting stuff to your site. Will you be the only one, or will there also be content that is submitted by users (articles, comment or forum postings). And will there be any pages that have a fixed content, like an about or contact page.

As a general rule, I use the page content type for fixed content. Page content on my site is only used for providing information like the Terms of Agreement / Code of Conduct, article guidelines and the like. In short, anything that is not going to change very much over a longer period of time.

I am going to use other content types for the dynamic parts of the site: submitted articles, articles that will be commented upon, et cetera. I use custom content types, but (depending on your needs) the default ones may work just fine for you.

Again, you need to ask yourself if your frontpage is going to be static or dynamic. In case of the former you could suffice with a page content type. However, static sites (and homepages) generally don't tend to make your visitors come back over a longer period of time (after all, they already know what's on your site). If you do use a fixed page, just create it and change the default frontpage setting in your site administration settings to reflect the node you just created (e.g.: http://www.mysite.com/node/42).

The default Drupal frontpage consists of the latest submitted content to your site. The overview shows the first x number of words from the articles body (called the teaser) and link to the whole article. If you don't like the way it looks now, you might give the Views module a try.

Linking in content
Linking in content is being handled by the input format you use to submit content (can be administered in the admin area). Drupal can automatically change full urls to clickable links. This makes it easy to link to pages on another site. Just type the full url (including the http bit) and that's that.

Linking can also be done manually. This is useful if you turned the url filter off or if you need to link to a page on your own site (and you don't want to use a full url). In order to do this, you need an input filter that has the <a> tag enabled. Here are a few examples on how to link to different pages using this tag. Insert the tag into some content to see the effect described (just using samples urls here, so it may not work on your site).

  • <a href = "http://www.drupal.org">http://www.drupal.org</a> << Show the clickable text http://www.drupal.org that links to http://www.drupal.org
  • <a href = "http://www.drupal.org">Link to Drupal</a> << Show the clickable text Link to Drupal that links to http://www.drupal.org
  • <a href = "8">About Page</a> << Show the clickable text About Page that links to node 8 (which might in this case be the about page).
  • <a href = "../node">Homepage</a> << Show the clickable text Homepage that links to Drupal's default frontpage.

    I hope this helps to get you started.

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    I've started and I promise to continue build a website with drupal in cooperation with your help. But I'm in a hurry to build my personal site in a few days :(

    I want to state that my site is like to sell myself (Showing my personal details, work experience, skills, photos,..., something to download like my scientific reports, ebooks and I want to upload copies of my certificates and files but nobody can access to it; except who I give access<> ).

    'n I've unskilled question: is there a way to export a drupal theme to FrontPage?