Is there anyway to upload a (zipped) folder of images into Drupal?


Use an FTP to upload quite a few images into the "files" or "files/images" folder?


Been searching for an answer but really can't find anything definitive. Not too interested in acidfree since the module author seems to be leaning towards a tighter integration with the image module and such... will look into acidfree 5 when it becomes available.

I would prefer to have the user to be able to upload a zipped file full of images instead of the FTP way.

Any help is appreciated.


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I have a HUGE art collection that I've wanted to setup in drupal and back when I tried it(like 4.6.6?) I tried a few different ones and I think acidfree was the only decent attempt. My problem with what I ran into I had to click each picture to add it and it didn't have a "select all" or "check all" option which would've been SOO much better since I had literally thousands of pictures. Just couldn't handle it.

I can tell you I just made a test site and embedded Gallery2 into it and Gallery2 is what you'll want to look at. It has an option to look at a directory on(I think at least an http) a server and you can add all the pictures there. Like it took me 5-10 seconds to add like 200 pictures to an album. I ftp'ed a 300 meg zip of a bunch of images then unzipped it. So their all sitting at http://whatever/pictures I then pointed Gallery2 via the third option to that dir and clicked add files. Pretty much easy as that. It only does files in that one directory though, it doesn't include subdirectories, have to do those separately.

You have to manually add descriptions and such but it works pretty smooth.

The only thing I got caught on embedding it was when you embed it, it will return a status pages giving Success, Warnings and Failures. You'll get a failure or something and need to goto the GalleryV2 admin page and enable 1-2-3 things there, I forget how many. Like Image Block, Url Rewrite and something else thats minor.

I think thats the best gallery drupal has even though its technically something else entirely.

Hope that helps.

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Could you post a link to Gallery 2? Thanks!