I am not clear about the purpose of "Email Verify" tab in admin/user/user/list.
It leads to an empty page on my test system.
Should that be moved to user/* maybe?


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Title: Email Verify tab » fsockopen() fails when enabling module

Could not enable the module. Error to the effect could not contact the host, fsockopen() not congigured correctly. module disabled.

Solution: After not finding anything in the documentation, I opened email-verify.install and found the $host variable in email_verify_enable() function. This variable is set to drupal.org.
After setting it to my host, I was then able to enable the module.
It should be documented that this variable needs to be changed before installing the module.
Ben, yoda567

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Title: fsockopen() fails when enabling module » Email Verify tab
Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

I believe your finding has nothing to do with my original request (purpose of Email Verify tab). I have since found out that the tab is used to validate all e-mails, returning a list of invalid addresses. Initially all my e-mails were valid, so it returned an empty page and I couldn't figure out. On a sidenote, I am not sure that you want to change drupal.org to "your host"... Maybe I am wrong, but I believe that at installation you simply want to check that SMTP connectivity with external systems is OK. Also, see note in README about fsockopen() warning.