Hello and thank you for the wonderful theme. I have two questions/commits.

1) In IE the theme becomes square instead of rounded at the corners. Was wondering if this was intended or not (personally I think the rounded looks much nicer in Mozilla).

2a) Content is not displaying as it should. Content that is set to be displayed inline is not. The content appears below the title. This happens with content for fields that I have created. I added a few fields to the user registration and this happens with that information when viewing ...com/user and other content. As can be seen in the SS.

2b) The spacing on add content forms if there is a description, it runs very close to the title of the next item. I have attached a SS.

2c) Is the content supposed to show the authors image next to it? It looks like it is supposed to but only shows the name and a link to their profile. SS attached.

picture & inline.jpg92.84 KBhaebooty
spacing.jpg95.36 KBhaebooty
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