We installed and enabled the fb_social plugin, but when I went to perms to enable for specific roles, there wasn't anything there. So if I want a developer role to be able to use the "Like" but not "Share", there isn't a way to assign perms. Or even to assign to a developer at all.

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What you want is for everyone to share/like the content in your site. That's the idea behind this project.

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No, you misunderstand what I asked for. I would like to be able to assign the "Share" perms to a different role than "Like" perms. I would also like the application key to be available *only* to admins, while allowing other roles to administer what gets linked where. The way it's set up now requires an admin user to do anything with the module. It also doesn't allow us to turn off pieces...like if we wanted to only use "Like" on the site, "Share" can't be restricted. Again, role-based perms would be the easiest way to do that because the admin just wouldn't give the role to the user.

From a corporate standpoint, we don't want the average bear to know / have access to our Facebook API key.

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Can this be re-opened? I'd like to be able to let developers and admins be able to access the fb_social admin pages without havig to give them the 'admin' password. As it is right now, only admin (user 1) can administer this module. It seems like a pretty simple change. Just add one permission in hook_perm (or whatever, been a while since I did custom module development) to 'administer fb_social' and restrict that role to access admin/structure/fbsocial

If you won't do it, would you accept a patch?

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Added a patch that changes 'administer site configuration' to 'administer fb_social'

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This patch includes some whitespace fixes.

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Expanded on #4 and allowed users with the 'administer fb_social' permission to have the ability to administer the Presets tab.