I was testing the token functionality in 1.6 when I ran across another bug (I think). In admin/user/user_badges/settings there is a setting for Default badge link URL. If you save something in that field but then go back and delete it and save, the change will not save.

    Steps to reproduce.
  1. enter a default badge link URL
  2. save
  3. delete the default badge link URL
  4. save

The bug is that the original setting stays and cannot be deleted. I suppose this is not huge because I just went back to individual badge URLs and they always have a link. If I didn't want a link however, I would have to go into the database to delete that setting.


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In case this helps, the specific setting I was entering into the default badge link URL was as follows:

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You are absolutely correct. Whoever coded that, did it on purpose. I can't see that it's important. If you want a quick test, go to line 698 in user_badges.admin.inc and comment out the if and ending bracket.

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@NancyDru your fix worked perfectly thanks.

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Ok, I will commit a variation on that.

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