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Altering the node.tpl file can be used to control where user pictures appear (provided that you have turned them on in User Settings and Theme of course).

For example I had a site which comprised formal pages where avatars were NOT wanted, and a Forum where they were.

In English this means "if the user has a Picture AND the page content TYPE is a FORUM POST - print the picture" (and if it's any other part of the site, then don't print the picture...).

<?php if ($picture && $type == 'forum') {
      print $picture;

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ckuert’s picture

As I tried the code from above I received a Parse Error.

What worked for me:
(Displays the picture everywhere but in events.)

if ($picture && $type != 'event'):
print $picture

jessmagz’s picture

Can I use OR here to give more options in displaying the picture? For instance, in my case, I want to OR your given statement since I want to display user pictures in FORUM and SOLUTION content types but no pictures for the rest of the content types.


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Worked great -- make sure you enable "User picture in posts" on your theme, or else there's no function.