While upgrading one site from Drupal 4.7.x to Drupal 5.0RC1, I encountered the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: filter_xss_bad_protocol() ... includes/common.inc on line 837

After much online research, file verification and a database restore, I found the problem: a typo.

When running http://example.com/update.php at the end of the upgrade, I made a typo and entered http://example.com/updates.php in the URL entry field of my browser.

Lesson learned: If you encounter the error above, check for typos. I hope this writeup helps the next person to make this typo...


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This post should be way more visible.

Took me 30 minutes to finally find this great post!

I was typing upgrade.php...silly me....


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Funny... simple mistake and yet I fall into the same trap. Thanks!

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FROM `pojack1_drpl1`.`system`
LIMIT 0 , 30

I was getting this error. FOr some reason my filter module was inside the forum module.
I moved it out into the main modules section and got this error.
Using phpmyadmin I searched for filter and found it in system.
THere all the modules paths are listed. I changed the path from forum/filter/filter.module to /filter.module

The site works error gone.
Hope this helps.


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i just experienced this (and other undefined function errors), and as this post pointed my nose to the system table i spotted the filter module strangely having a '0' in the status column. How this core module got disabled is way beyond me, but in case you hit this, better take a look.

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Mad props to "eMPee584" for pointing me in the correct direction. Sure enough the status of my filters module was turned off, set it to "1" and we were G2G

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Same problem here, the filter module status for some unknown reason was set to 0. Changing it to 1 fixed the problem

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This error showed up unexpectedly while I was changing up Domain Source module and I resolved it by changing the weight to -10 in the system table, though I'm still working on my Domain Source issue.

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I am still running a Drupal 6 site! yay. Anyway, I resolved this problem by checking the existence of the function in bootstrap.inc - filter_xss_bad_protocol() didn't exist (as the error specified) so I downloaded the last drupal 6 files and uploaded the bootstrap.inc file from that (which does include filter_xss_bad_protocol() )