I'm using site-verify with an installation profile, and it'd be nice to have API functions to add new verifications.

This would require refactoring of the queries that record the verifications from the form-submit handlers:

drupal_write_record('site_verify', $form_state['values'], array('svid'));

and moving those into API functions.

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Yeah definitely. Going to add it after the 1.0 version.

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Here's a patch based on head.

The 2 new API functions are:
- site_verify_save($verification);
- site_verify_delete($svid);

The form handlers use the API functions, and there are a few new code-comments.

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Patch has a lot of unrelated changes, some of which look like they would have been part of a D7 upgrade.

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It also no longer applies cleanly...

However, the patch contains has a lot of documentation improvements, which I'll commit now, as these are always a good thing. Thanks!

git commit -m "by manarth: Fixed missing function documentation; added comments to code." --author="manarth "

Commit b9f12c18835398e92896b7c81c40f250b4985055.