I installed yesterday the 7.x version of Danland.

My problem is that the search box doesn't show up in an anonymous session.
It appears correctly when the user (in my case administrator) is logged in.

I'm a drupal newbie so maybe I'm missing something obvious.

May you help me?



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I'm really a newbie. I found the problem: it was related to permissions:
administration > people > permission

Thank you

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Title: Search pannel doesn't show up with anonymous users » Search panel doesn't show up with anonymous users

Sounds like you got it, thanks for posting the answer!

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Issue tags: +search module

The search box doesn't show up on the front page. I have permissions set to all users, the module is enabled of course, and the block is set to the search region. I'm stumped!

here's my site: http://bettyfriedantribute.org/ what else do you need?

thank you!!!

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Im a noob also (like i started this morning ;-). Had the same problem today oreilm. Fixed it by going to modules->search->permissions and then checking anonymous . It worked for me. Im modifying the blue masters theme. If anyone knows a problem with this please let me know. Drupal seems to have the best documentation/community of any CMS i've looked at thus far! Good luck.

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As I already state, "I have permissions set to all users", that includes anonymous. I think the problem may be because I narrowed the page to 800px, but that's just a guess since there is nothing in the style.css to indicate that's what's going on.

It would REALLY be nice to have the search panel on the front page.

Anyone who has ideas that do not include permissions, please post.

thank you!

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I check the frontpage source and the search box is not printed so this is not CSS problems also, how about the block visibility setting?

Make sure you are not using code like this

<?php if (!$is_front) : ?>
	<?php if ($page['search_box']): ?>
		<div id="search-box">
			<?php print render ($page['search_box']); ?>
		</div><!-- /search-box -->
	<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

but just like below

	<?php if ($page['search_box']): ?>
		<div id="search-box">
			<?php print render ($page['search_box']); ?>
		</div><!-- /search-box -->
	<?php endif; ?>


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i'm also having same problem. search box's only visible to registered users. pagel.tpl is having same code block as -

<?php if ($page['search_box']): ?>
		<div id="search-box">
			<?php print render ($page['search_box']); ?>
		</div><!-- /search-box -->
<?php endif; ?>

One more thing, Search button is not having any styles. I'm trying to write some css to match it according to theme.

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Thanks phildogo - your simple solution fixed it for me! :)

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thanks, phildogo, I tried a few different places as well as that place, but maybe I didn't do it right at that time. Your solution works for me.

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I am using a 7.x version and have been using Danland for a week now. I have read what few threads address the problem and have examined the stylesheet and php files. Maybe it's something so simple I've overlooked the solution? ...

> I HAVE managed to get it to appear on all pages except the front page by unchecking Site Name and Site Slogan under Appearance settings, BUT (yet another issue for me) I cannot get rid of the "Search this site" text despite using #search-box label { display: none;} in the style.css file as suggested by other threads.


> I have placed the Search Form in the Search Region (for that matter everywhere else on the site) and it will not appear.

> Search is checked and enabled in Modules

> I have configure the Search Form block to: All pages | all Content Types | nothing checked in Roles | and Not customizable in Users.

> I am the primary administrator and have gone to Permissions and have checked all boxes in Anonymous User and Authenticated User ... still no resolve.

> I have examined Search and Metadata in Configuration and under Active Search Modules, Node and User are checked ... And under Default Search Module, Node is checked.

> I was using Bartik (still enabled) and the Search Box was configurable. I set the Search Box block config to None per suggested thread and saved it appropriately.

So what am I doing wrong?

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I at least solved the "Search this site" issue. Duuu ... it was in the block title on the config page, removed it and it's gone.

Still can't get it to display on the frontpage? ...

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Finally found the issue of the search box not showing up on the front page (7.x). ... It was a simple solution after all.

When configuring the block under Visibility settings and Pages, click the "All pages except those listed" radio button. Then in Content types, clear all the check marks (if checked) and save the block.

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Issue summary: View changes

I wonder whether some people might confuse the privileges discussed in this post with the user visibility settings available within the search form configuration menu (q=admin/structure/block/manage/search/form/configure > users tab at the bottom)..

Please note that this needs to be set appropriately AND the role permissions need to be set for anonymous & authenticated users in Administration > People > Permissions.

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There is one permission need to set at admin/people/permissions. Under Search give 'Use search ' permission for anonymous user.

And then you can create a search block with below settings

My search block visibility settings:



Go to
Home » Administration » Configuration » Development » Performance
"Cache pages for anonymous users"
just hit "Clear all cache" & your good to go!

or else in your own module you can use

hook_enable() {

$permissions = array('search permission');

Hope this helps contact me for any clarifications.