So I have a the images set up and created a preset under the site building->imagecache->profile and tried both resize and scale to specific px (100 in this case.)

When I add the preset under user settings to profile, comments, and content it breaks the images. In FF in displays a link with !username picture text where the picture should be and in IE it shows the little box with the x in the corner.

The link in FF works and the size of the box is the correct size, it just won't show the image. Is there something extra I missed in some settings or when creating the preset?



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Do you allow viewing this presets to a users at Permissions settings page?

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Yeah, I saw that in some other issues and I went in and added all the permissions. It doesn't change anything. I also saw some people reply they didn't know what the permissions do since they never add permissions for the presets and they are always viewable.

But permissions are on without any change.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

I have tried changing the sizes and file types in the presets and images to no effect.

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I have the same problem.
I added the imageCache preset to a user's picture in Views. The picture won't show.

There's a problem with the URL. An extra slash. The path is wrong, so the image won't be displayed :


RKS, is it the same for you ?

Thank you.

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Sorry it took me so long to respond. Mine was similar. I never even thought to check that but once I saw your post I did and I had incorrectly identified the wrong path in my default image under user settings.

So mine looked like:

I fixed that just just identify the image instead of the path and it fixed the display, but it did not fix the entire problem.

Now, the image displays correctly, but the preset does not scale the image. It's just the size of the picture even though I have added the preset under User Settings for profile, comments, and posts to the profile preset.

So, I will be searching other posts for "preset not working"

In your case, perhaps you have identified your path as "/themes/mytheme/images/avatar.png" instead of "themes/mytheme/images/avatar.png"

I've accidentally done that before and added the first slash. But is themes/mytheme/images in your imagecache/mypreset?

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If this fixes your problem just change the size of the default picture to your exact specifications. It works with all user pictures uploaded but for some reason it won't change anything about the default picture. So you can be safe adding the correct presets so the user will not load a giant image and it will correctly apply the settings in your preset to those pictures, just not the default.

At least, in all of my experiments thus far it works like I said. I don't know if there will be a solution to this problem so I'm going to wait a few days and then close this issue.

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It seems that the path is incorrect for profiles with a "default avatar" (not really practical). It works fine for the other ones, except that the chmod set by Imagecache (when a new folder is created or is flushed) is always wrong and I have to correct it manually (744 to 775 I think) ; anyway, that's another problem.

Thank you.