This line effectively prevents a Submit button from being rendered in HTML:

$form['submit']['#access'] = FALSE;

This is an accessibility problem as well as making the form inoperable for those without Javascript. Instead, we should use jQuery to hide the submit element when page is loaded.


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@Les Lim

Can you please give a bit more background about the problem, including a bit more of an explanation of the accessibility problem?

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Sure. My concern is that low-vision users are expecting to encounter a way to submit the exposed form and won't find one. Setting an auto-submitting filter doesn't give non-visual feedback to users that their search results have already been filtered, and then doesn't provide an interface item to execute the filters, even though they will have already been applied. I suppose I'm not actually sure if that's really an accessibility problem or not.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be browsing without Javascript, the filters won't be automatically executed and there will be no way to submit manually. That's a problem for all users.

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Agreed on both points.

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If you remove the submit button this happen.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed in the latest dev (CVS commit). I simply moved the submit-hiding code to JavaScript. Please try it (12 hours from now) and let me know.

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In a future release, could this option be made into an admin setting?

best wishes

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Status: Fixed » Active

Re #6: Sure.