In the past when adding content to a panel node, in the modal popup window, there was a category "view panes" which seems to have gone missing. It seems that this issue has been beaten to death, and I've tried to ensure that I've covered everything, but I still can't get view panes to show up in my modal window, even on a site where they once did.

I have a view created with a panel pane display added. It has no arguments. I also have "Make all views available as panes" checked. All of the modules that I think need to be enabled are enabled (and even some which may not be), I've flushed my cache a number of times, tried changing the admin title and category of the view pane, all to no avail. No view panes will show up in the dialog box.


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We seem to have the same issue with 7.0 and mini panels here. They don't show up in the dialog box.

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ldipeso, did you find the solution and reasons causing this?

I have the same problem - one website no problems another nothing showing up.
The site with the problem is on a sub-domain - could that be a reason - ....

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Same here, no "view panes" for content in panel config. I'm finding plenty on this in the net, many say enable "Views content panes" module, and i did that. Others say clear the cache under the Configuration/Development/Performance tab in D7. Still no relief for me.

Any other suggestions?

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There are two common problems:

1) The category can be controlled in the display config, so it may not be 'view panes' if that was changed.
2) Arguments can be associated with contexts. If a required context isn't available, that content will not show up in the list to be added.

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I heard advice to install the devel version of the Views module. It fixed that problem-view panes shows, all works as described in instructions.

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Yep I'm having the same issue. I can't even check it off to be added in the modules listing. This is really weird. i tried also to grep for Views panes to see if my module was just messed up from download and couldn't find that anywhere??

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Okay I made sure that everything was properly upgraded. Looks like in the Chaos tools section rather then panels or views you'll find 'Views content panes' which is the one that you want. It seems to be working for me now.

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I have the same issue, in Drupal 7.8. I can add Content Panes to my panel pages, but not to my panel nodes. I can't find them listed anywhere in the popup dialog to add content to the panel node.

I'm using dav releases of all 3 items - Ctools, Panels, Views.

Unlike @ShaneOnABike, I don't even see the Chaos Tools section.

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try to activate ctools "views content panes"
After activate it, view was integrated with panel in my drupal

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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Did any of you read the text about this very issue, on the "Create new issue page"? This issue is common, and in the vast majority of cases a misconfiguration. I'm gonna open a feature request about making the UI a bit more intuitive here, but in the meantime, I highly doubt any of are experiencing a bug.

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as per #9 check "views content panes" under ctools must be activated

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I had already checked "Views Content Panes" in the cTools section in modules but no luck. I tried unchecking and uninstalling "views content panes" and "page manager" then re-enabling them but no change. I tried the og example module as it should create a node_view page with a view pane, then I start getting this error when I tried to preview:
Notice: Undefined index: module in _ctools_block_get_module_delta() (line 247 of C:\Users\admin\Documents\drupal\sites\all\modules\ctools\plugins\content_types\block\
There is an issue in cTools with people getting this error under slightly different circumstances
I removed the section that said "Deleted/missing block", then clicked on the cog > add content. Views and Views Panes are now appearing. I am not sure of the logic of any of this but it is working now. I even added in the same OG Members and OG Nodes view panes that should have been originally included in the OG Example node view page and it is working.