I think it should be added internationalization support to the Localization Client shell. In the middle [Font] should be added a list box like in "Page text" with the several translations/versions and a column specifying the country tag. At the right of the "Clean" button should also be added a combo box where we could define the main language to translate.

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Can you please elaborate on this more, maybe post a mockup? I don't understand your suggestion.

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Yes, I can! :P
Hope you can understand now my idea and that you see any potential on it!
And just one extra thought: it would be nice if we could define the localization client bar as "hidden" as in Windows Task Bar. This may be an important issue, as there is some websites that uses the bottom area to add tool bars and may be overrided with LC...

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One extra sugestion: add a visual translation counter!
See mockup update! :)

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What do you think about the sugestions?