I can't get the drop down menus to work in Drupal 7. I have hem all set to expanded, cleared caches, etc but still no luck.


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Nevermind, I just had to put the menu into the primary menu block and it started working.

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I also have it placed in primary menu block, but the way it works is that if I click on a menu item it expands , it doesnt expand just by hovering the mouse over the menu item.

Any idea how to get it to auto expand when hovering the mouse over ?

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Hello there,

I should make a note somewhere explain this issue. There is problem with menu (including build-in primary menu block) add on active-trail in first Drupal 7 official release. So if you want the drop down menu work properly, you might want to install Menu Block module.

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How to place menu in primary menu block...??

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I solved it myself and placed menu in primary block but still dropdown not working. Please help...??

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The menu will drop-down if you place it in the primary block AND also set the "Show as expanded" option for the top level items with sub-items. Then these will expand when you hover over top level items in the menu.

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thank you. It's help me. Install Menu Block and it start working =)

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Hi all... I've installed MENU Block, but what do I have to do after? How to place menu in primary menu block?
The menuthat I wan to expand is the primary menu. I tried several configuration but nothing worked till now.

Any help please?

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You do not need Menu Block module to use the dropdowns.

Go to Structure / Blocks. Look for "Main menu" block and set its region to Primary menu. That's all.

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@thepauly, @bryrock or @thamas, does the "use primary menu region" workaround depend on what theme is being used? I'm using Bartik and I don't see a "Primary menu" region.

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@meonkeys, yes it does depend on the theme. As you've noted, different themes have their own regions defined. In this case, this particular issue and the suggested work-around was specifically addressing the BlogBuzz theme.

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I am facing the same issue but diffrently, in my case menu is getting expanded with the theme I create it, as I change the theme the menu does not expand. using drupal 7.

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thank you very much, works :)

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Thanks please keep it up, this information was lovely.

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Issue summary: View changes

bryrocks answer ("Show as expanded") was my solution. Thank you!

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I am using Nexus template, which does not have a Primary Block option.

I have tried the Header, Content Top, and Content with no change in the dropdown behavior.

I have even installed Menu Block and suppressed Drupal’s standard menu blocks for the Main Menu.

Still no change.

Any other thoughts?


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I installed the module Jquery Update. In Setting -> Jquery Update you can adjust the jquery-version for Nexus. I selected jquery 1.7 like the demo site of Nexus and the pull down works.