I created a page called Home (with path /home), and set it as the front page in Site Config>Site Info page (you have to use the un-aliased URL here, which is node/2). In my Zen theme settings I have enabled the breadcrumb, and checked "show home page", but not "append content title". In Menu Breadcrumb settings, I have checked "append page title" and "append title as a link". On the edit page for my home page, the breadcrumb shows 3 links, all of which simply say "Home". This is where they point:

1) site.com
2) site.com/home
3) site.com/node/2/edit


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Category: bug » feature

After thinking about it, I guess this is actually the expected behaviour (the first is separate, because I prepend Home to all breadcrumbs, the second is for viewing /home and the 3rd is for the current page: editing /home), but it just looks really weird. Is there any way you could add more information to the links? Maybe just if the user selects the option "append page title", maybe check if the current URL ends in /edit and if so, prefix the breadcrumb link with the word "Edit" e.g. for the FAQ page: Home > FAQ > Edit FAQ