Hi !

I made a new content type and a views page for it, then I found that I wanted to delete it.

I deleted the content first , then the views and last the content type.

In effect its all gone like I wanted , but when I press add new content I still find that content type on the list
(If I click on it nothing happens as espected since its deleted..)

How do I get rid of that delteted content type from the "add new content" list ?

Any help appretiated !


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Maybe try clearing the cache.

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good tip , but that didnt help unfortinutaly.

for the note it usually is not a problem to create a content type and then delete it , but in this case it didnt go away.

Maybe there is a manual way to delte it ? (edit a text file or something ?..)

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Hey I ran into the same problem but found the solution.
To delete and add new content types go to
Administration >> Structure >> Content Types
Administration >> Content

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Dont quite understand what you mean , I am using Drupal 7 tho I can only find content type at 1 place.

are you using drupal 7 ? please explain how you fixed this


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You are looking for adding/deleting content types

I think you are going to this page...

When those options really exist at this page...

Or to put it another way, using the administration menu...

to navigate to the page where you can add/delete content follow this order
Administration >> content

to navigate to the page where you can add/delete content types follow this order
Administration >> structure >> Content types

Here is an image showing the menu and where things are.

Hope that helps

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I'm having the same issue.

I created some new content types. Then deleted them a while later. When ever I go to add new content now these old content type menus still appear, but they go no were as they no longer exist.

They are sort of ghosts in the system. I tried the above mentioned solution, but when I goto index.php?q=admin/structure/types I am just presented with the content types that are currently working.

If I could just remove them from the database that might help, but not sure were they would live.

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I had the same problem: deleted some content types but they kept showing up in my "Create content" menu item (node/add).

Since the problem appeared in the menu, I went to the menu configuration page (admin/build/menu). There was, however, no option here to delete the menu items that indeed were still present for the removed content types. I tried the "reset" option at the end of the row and this seemed to do the trick. All that was left of the deleted content types has now disappeared completely.

Another problem was created though, because for each time I used the reset option to remove the content type left overs, a new instance of the "Create content" menu item was added to my navigation menu. Since they too are undeletable, I just disabled them to keep them from showing up in the menu. This works, but it still seems a faulty solution to me (I also could have disabled the content types themselves to begin with, but there still would have been something there that isn't supposed to be there, just like there is now).

I hope this was helpfull.

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same problem still, eighter reset or deactivate isnt what I want, I want to clean up and delete all unused ones.

at this point I have as much as 16 deactivated ones (ghost..)

would be nice if anyone knows how to get rid of them, although they dont do any harm, I would like to get rid of them.

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This fixed the problem! What I did:

- Go to the navigation page, admin/structure/menu/manage/navigation

- find the link to the content type that is no longer there. It should be in the list under "add content".

- To the right there's buttons to edit and reset the link. You want to reset. This forces Drupal to reevaluate the link.

- It refreshes and poof! Gone from navigation, from add content page as well.

Thanks Jan_MSK.

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This solved my problem.

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did the trick! Thanks!

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It work for me on drupal 7.24, after reset menu link on navigation problem solve. Thanks.

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This worked for me too, thanks! Using Drupal 7.28.

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Thank you,
This fixed my problem.

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Three years later (112015) the problem still exists. Thanks ky_metro! For my situation - resetting was the appropriate action to remove the unwanted listings.

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I had the same problem trying to delete content-type XXX.
Then I realised that I had created a product class XXX in ubercart, so I deleted the product class first and then I could delete the content-type.

Delete the the product class in: admin/store/products/classes
Delete the content-type in: admin/structure/types

Hope it helps...

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no I dont use ubecart, for the record when I have created a content type, and made some content with it, then change my mind and want to create another content type instead, I always delete all the content made with it, then delte the content type.

even tho the content type is gone from the content type list, it still is present in the navigation meny list, and I have to disable it or reset and the disable it (same)..

maybe this is a bug in the core.. or that module..

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What happens if you create another content type with the same name? Then try to delete that one if it lets you....

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I created a product class, then it appear as a content type. I can't remove it in admin>>structure>>content type, because the product class still existed. I can't find clue until I see this. Thanks a lot. You save my day.

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In my case, the content types I was trying to delete were imported using "Features" module. I had to disable it to stop seeing the content types I was trying to delete. If the database table "node_type" is clear (of that specific content types), re-enabling Features didn't bring back the undesired content types.

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Not a Drupalist, but anyway... the answer is simple.
There are certain content types created by third-party modules.
In my case, I used Flexslider and OMS Slider. Not please with their issues I decided to remove completely. Deleted content, deactivated modules, uninstalled modules and than removed their folders from the server. Still, content type with Flexslider and OMS Slider still existed, without the delete option, only modify. I don`t use GIT or Drush so I wasn't able to apply any existing patch.

My solution was this:
1. go to Content Type Page - admin/structure/types
2. click on edit or modify the content type you need to force delete (lets say Flexslider)
3. the url will end with something like admin/structure/types/manage/your-undesired-content-type
4. add to the url the /delete option, press enter than confirm in the next page.

I'm pretty sure is an workaround for other modules as well.
Good luck, sure hope it helps someone! :)

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Simple indeed.
Worked for me where other options did not.