writting it for other people strugling with this issue.
I have put TinyMCE in the requested folder and it was still saying "Not installed.".
I changed for TinyMCE 3.4b2 and installed without any problem.

#28 2.png272.28 KBsmschwindt
#6 tinymce_3.4b2.zip732.83 KBAgaPe


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I've got exactly the same problem with both TinyMCE and TinyMCE 3.4b3.
Does anybody have a solution for this?

Thanks a lot!

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i could send you TinyMCE 3.4b2 if do not find it somewhere

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I'm running TinyMCE on a D7 site without problems. Tested both the regular package and the dev package.
Make sure you extracted the entire archive to sites/all/libraries/tinymce (without modifying any files) so that the main script ends up at sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js.

UPDATE: Also tested with main packages of 3.4b2 and 3.4b3, no problems detecting them.

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Thank you for your information!
I extracted the entire archive to that specific folder so that the main script ends up at sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js.
I keep on searching...

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that would be very kind of you

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732.83 KB


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Maybe there's a permission error on the files? Make sure everyone has read access (NOT write access) to the TinyMCE files.

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I removed the libraries-folder, made a new one with the right permissions and extracted tinymce to it. Now everything works as it should (D7, wysiwyg 7.x-2.0 and TinyMCE
Tinymce_3.4b2 works also.

Thanks a lot for your support and files!

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thanks Agape, its works

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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Fixed

Ok, looks like we can close this one then.

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I've had the same problem.
It turned out that I just had to choose "english" (instead of "french") as the interface language in the general settings, for each text format...

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I've the same problem than thomarz and the solution found by Agape don't work on my Drupal.

I looked about rights on each folder, and it seems to be good.

I'm on Ubuntu 10.10.



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@lanquarem, this issue is about the editor showing up as "Not installed" in the "Installation instructions" so if you had the same problem you couldn't have chosen a language at all since it would not have been possible to assign a profile to a format.
But, yes, TinyMCE only comes with the English language files by default. Selecting French and not having installed translation files for the editor and all its native plugins will make it crash.

@Johan D. Are you using the same versions of Wysiwyg/TinyMCE as thomasrz does too?
If you've uploaded the files via FTP, try deleting sites/all/libraries/tinymce, change the transfer mode (ASCII,binary,automatic) in your FTP client and re-upload the extracted files exactly as they are.

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Hi TwoD,

I'm not on my computer, but I donwloaded the latest version of both (wysiwyg & tinymce). To install, I can't do that by the url or by the upload of the files because I always receive the same message:

WARNING: You are not using an encrypted connection, so your password will be sent in plain text.

So, to install a module, I donwload this and I extract the folder into the right path...

(sorry for my english..)

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Well, that's not an error, just a warning that should not stop you from installing using the interface.
The editor must be downloaded manually and extracted/uploaded to the right path, just like you did.

What do you see on the TinyMCE row under "Installation instructions" on admin/config/content/wysiwyg ?
If it says "Not installed", you must check that the extracted files were placed correctly. Normally, "extract all" to sites/all/libraries should set things up correctly. When the editor is not installed, there's an example path showing where the main TinyMCE .js file should end up.
If it says "version could not be detected", it means the editor is most likely installed correctly but it has changed so Wysiwyg can not figure out which version it is.
If you see a version number like "3.4", everything's ok and you can assign a TinyMCE profile to a text format, enable some buttons and test it.

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I'm back on my computer, and i checked [again] my folder... big mistake, I created 'Librairies' in place of 'Libraries'... My mother tong is French... rofl sorry...

When I choose TinyMCE for the Plain Text mode, and I create a new content, I don't see anything about TinyMCE...

I don't know how to explan that :s

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@haNjo, did you enable any buttons and/or do you see any errors?

haNjo’s picture

I don't see anything after enable the tinymce, and choose it for the "Plain Text Mod". I had an hard week-end, I'll try later during the day to create a mode if it's possible, and look what's the result.

haNjo’s picture


I tried again the TinyMCE on the Plain Text format, I looked up for some options in the tinyMCE edit (i.e: buttons & plugins: bold, italic, etc.)

But when I create a new content, and I choose Plain Text format, I can see "Disable rich-text" but I don't see anything about TinyMCE options in my body...

I have a question about theme. I know Acquia Prosper, but it's not develop for Drupal7. Do you know an other theme who looks like this one? Later I will try to create my personnal design & theme, but at first, I need to learn Drupal :)


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@haNjo, can you post a screenshot of what the page looks like?
Wysiwyg itself appears to be working, since you see the "Disable rich-text" link, but perhaps the editor crashed when initialized.
If there's no error, it might still be possible to determine what went wrong using visual clues on the page. If that doesn't work, only stepping through the code with a debugger like Firebug will help.

I don't know that theme so I can't help you with that part.

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This is happening for me with a base install of Drupal 7 and both they stable release and dev version of Wysiwyg

Without any buttons enabled there outline of the editor is there but once a button is enabled the editor disappears. The disable rich-text link is also there but no editor.

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Got the same issue. All the scripts are loading according to Firebug and "Disable rich-text" hyperlinks shows up, but no TinyMCE toolbar. Have cleared cache and run cron multiple times and cleared browser cache and no luck.

The MCE iframe is loading but looks like the toolbar html is not loading completely:

<span role="application"><span style="display:none;" class="mceVoiceLabel" id="edit-body-und-0-value_toolbargroup_voice">Toolbar</span></span>

Normally all of the MCE toolbar table elements would load up in <span role="application"></span>

Thanks for your help!

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Status: Fixed » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I tried to verify this again in FF and Chrome today without success. Tested both D6 and D7 with Wysiwyg 6.x-2.x-dev and 7.x-2.x-dev and TinyMCE or 3.4.2.

Can those still having issues please try 3.4.2?
Remove sites/all/libraries/tinymce completely, extract/upload the tinymce folder again. If you're using FTP, please check the transfer mode settings in your clients and repeat with a different mode if it doesn't work.
Also switch to the standard admin theme if you're using another one so we can rule out theme conflicts.
If you've got other editors enabled, please remove them (unassigning them from formats is enough).

Test with and without buttons enabled. Without any buttons, the outline of the editor should still show up.
Test on a content type/form with as few customizations as possible to rule out module conflicts. The original page nodes would be ideal.

If you don't see the editor, please inspect the HTML using Firebug or a similar tool and see if you see the same thing as snazawa did above. This would indicate an error during TinyMCE's initialization. Please post any errors from JavaScript consoles etc. If you can step through the code with a debugger, it'd be very helpful to know out why, or at least in which situation things fail.

If 3.4.2 isn't working for you, can you please repeat the above with earlier versions like (recently released), or even further back?

If anyone is willing to give me access to a site where this problem can be reproduced, I'd gladly help debugging it. You can use my contact form so any credentials needed for the site won't have to be made public.

snazawa’s picture

Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed

Ok, it seems obvious in hindsight, but the reason there were no buttons showing up in the toolbar was because I had not enabled any buttons in the WYSIWYG Profile > Operations > Edit > Buttons and Plugins. So it's obvious now, but I don't recall reading that buttons had to be turned on. I guessed I assumed that a default set would be included, but apparently all buttons are turned off by default.

Btw, I installed TinyMCE 3.4.2. Both the regular build and JQuery build both seem to work.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

I have the same issue, I have tried using TinyMCE and 3.4.2 as well as the 7.x-2.0 and dev version of this module. I have tried different modules and themes and input formats. I have used all buttons and no buttons in the TinyMCE configuration and still no go.

Any ideas?

TwoD’s picture

Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

@smschwindt, can you please post your results from following the instructions in my last three paragraphs in #24? Especially the part about JavaScript errors in the browser. Would also be helpful to know if all files are loaded correctly. (Firebug's Net tab is great for verifying that, just clear the cache, open the tab and reload the page.)

smschwindt’s picture

272.28 KB

I tested with and without buttons enabled and both times I did not see the outline. I have tested on vairious other content types and still no go.

I used firebug to inspect the website, see screenshots attached. I really don't know that much about that addon but when i ran the "NET" tab it came up with one red highlighted item (screenshot 2.png)

I have tried installing both versions of TinyMCE and still no go.

smschwindt’s picture

Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

forgot to switch it back to active...

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Status: Active » Fixed

Ah, thanks for that info!

It's likely that jquery.cookie.js not being loaded causes script errors which in turn stops the editor from loading.
If you're running this on Apache with mod_security enabled, and that file does exist in your Drupal installation, have a look a these issues with similar problems:
#306889: Fails to load jquery.cookie.js (hosting problem)
#522646: jquery.cookie.js incompatible with Apache mod_security by default
Page Not Found - misc/jquery.cookie.js - But it IS There! (Post installation forum).

A quick workaround is to enable JavaScript Aggregation/Optimization on the Performance page since that file will not be requested directly, bypassing mod_security. I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do in this module to fix that issue.

smschwindt’s picture

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Thanks alot!!! This worked like a charm!

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The jquery.cookie.js, seemed to cause my troubles too. But by accident I found that if in config/development/performance I You set Aggregate JavaScript files ON, then the problem goes away.

TwoD’s picture

Yes, that is the workaround I described in #30. It works because when aggregation is on the browser won't request jquery.cookie.js at all, so mod_security only sees the aggregated file being requested and doesn't block it.

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Hi all,

Versions :
Drupal 7.7, 2011-07-27
TinyMCE Version 3.4.4 (2011-08-04)

Same bug as http://drupal.org/node/1046062#comment-4307288

I tried to install TinyMCE and failed displaying Buttons on create content page.
As it's a French site, i selected French in tinyMCE option but it does not work...

Everything go well in settings page, so I had to open Firebug and it tells me the bug :

Failed to load: /sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/langs/fr.js
Failed to load: /sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/fr.js

To solve it :
Download and extract the language pack from http://www.tinymce.com/i18n/index.php?ctrl=lang&act=download&pr_id=1
to your sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce folder

After, it works like a charm !!


PS : Of course, it works for all languages, not only French :)

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I got the same problem !

to solve it, you should make the editor language same your template language, for me it works fine!

Enno’s picture

Confirming that the quick solution in #30 fixed the issue for me as well. Thanks for the hint.

Drupal 7.8, wysiwyg 7.x-2.1, TinyMCE - Firebug claimed missing jquery.cookie.js even though it's there.

If it is of any help: Before fixing the issue, tinyMCE would only show up for block editing but not for node editing.