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In Drupal 7, the menu system works a little differently. These videos take you through working with render arrays (you might recognize these from the Form API) and well as explain how the system works in the back end.

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The article "How to use render arrays and tabs" links off to a paid videocast. Is that intentional? That doesn't seem to be the intended use of this documentation library. I'm guessing it's an oversight.

Sean Larkin

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I'm thinking the same thing as the person who posted the first comment. Should these be here?

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Most of BuildAModule videos are available to paying subscribers only. True, they are good one-to-many communication and teaching tools. However, only the owner/promoter can edit them, at his own discretion and pace. Whereas the body of knowledge on d.o. is open to freely registered members for comments, improvements and updates.
Posting a partly or wholly paid service as documentation material on Drupal's official website is debatable, perhaps even controversial. The approach is nothing new. Other Drupal “evangelists” --Drupalizeme, e.g-- use it too.
But D.O. and Drupal entrepreneurs would benefit from a clear separation of Open Source and commercial information. That way, no one is offended or compelled to apologize.