I have built a small module that really would fit better with views_bonus. Please take a look at it and see if it might become part of views_bonus. I applied for a cvs account trying to make this it's own module, but it's a bit thin to be a full blown module when it would fit in here nicely.


New Views Filter that creates an exposed Multi-Select filter of the current view's Node Titles. Allows user to filter by node titles. I needed it for a current project and found a few threads of others looking for this as well. This filter only works as an exposed filter. My hope is to get collaboration to improve this filter and to continue to contribute back to the community. I have not found any other modules that provide this view's filter.

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Fixed bug: Exposed Filters would filter out titles.

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Fixed bug: If view had pager, only nodes on the page viewed would show up.
Fixed bug: Would not show up on second tab of a Quick Tabs page

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Issue tags: +undefined

Its a great module
greatly appreciated / needed
it all works great but I get a warning

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/domain/public_html/sites/all/modules/views_titleselectlist/titleselectlist_handler_filter_nodetitleselectlist.inc on line 17.

simply put the filter on a view and expose it
even with ANY chosen I get the above warning
but all else seems to work perfect

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It was working fine with views 2 but upgrading on views 3 select does not display anything

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same issue, using views 3 nothing is displayed in the select list.

This would be an awesome exposed filter for certain use cases with a small number of nodes, its a perfect solution for what Im trying to do, is it likely to be patched to work with views 3?

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Doesnt work with views 6.x-2.12 either...

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function set_display() on a non-object in httpdocs/sites/all/modules/views_titleselectlist/titleselectlist_handler_filter_nodetitleselectlist.inc on line 16, referer:/admin/build/views/edit/test

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Category: feature » bug

I've established this only works with style type:fields, and doesnt work properly with style type:node, although strangely the select list still displays with the correct number of node titles when using style type:node, but the select options are blank. i.e. the select list options are all blank values but the correct amount of options are there, i.e. if you click the 3rd blank option in the select list then it will display the corresponding node, just seems the values for the select list arent being populated, but the keys for the form array must be working.

Even when using fields style it still produces another error but seems to display the view ok:

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /sites/all/modules/views_titleselectlist/titleselectlist_handler_filter_nodetitleselectlist.inc on line 17.

This is a great filter, any chance these issues can be fixed?

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Category: bug » feature

This is still a feature request and not a problem with bonus pack
module maintainers have not decided to include "views_titleselectlist" in the bonus pack

feel free to make it work with views 3 and create a patch for it

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Sorry, didnt realise the thread was about Views Bonus Pack, I marked it bug report simply to point out the patch doesnt work with views 3, or even views 2 to some extent (see above).

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I sit on my local machine and get this error message in views:

warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/my-site/sites/all/modules/views_titleselectlist/titleselectlist_handler_filter_nodetitleselectlist.inc on line 17.

Also, when I go to my website and I try to display the select list, everything has disappeared, my exposed filters and even my $content. :S If I remove the exposed filter from my Filters the website returns to normal again.

What can this be?