in content_lock/js/content_lock_init.js on line 17 we have:
return Drupal.t('Be aware, if you press "OK" now, ALL your changes will be lost!');

However, the actual text of the button, I'm seeing is "Leave this page", not "OK". Is this browser specific? If so, maybe we should add a check for the browser and try to present matching text, but I believe this may just be an oversight and that it should say press "Leave this page".

This is an accessibility issue because non-sighted users may be confused by being told to press "OK" and then never hearing the screen reader give an "OK" option. Even normal users may be confused by being told to press something that isn't there.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Yes, some browsers do not allow setting the label of the button, i can change that, iam sorry.

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Just to be clear, I didn't ask the button label text to be changed, but rather the message that content_lock presents to the user. Granted, yes it would be a bit of work, because you would have to test for each browser. I'm fine with it being a "won't fix" but wanted to make this clear for anyone else who stumbles upon this in the future.

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Just another note about how browser-specific this issue is:

On Seamonkey-2.1b2 (running noscript if that makes a difference), I don't get to see any of the text in the alert at all. I just see “This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.” with two buttons “Stay on Page” and “Leave Page”.

Browsers do this type of thing to guard against nasty websites doing silly stuff such as trying to prevent users from navigating away at all, etc.

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