I'm using i18nviews.module on a multilingual site that also is using http://drupal.org/project/tvi.
TVI is beinig used to display different views for different taxonomy terms. So that not all taxonomy terms are listed with the Views default taxonomy view at taxonomy/term/%.

I've just created a taxonomy term view (attached to this issue) and this view works fine in the views preview mode. But in the front end I'm getting a critical error. The screen goes completely white and shows the message;

  Cannot use object of type views_handler_field_taxonomy as array in i18nviews.module on line 124

I've created a patch that solves this issue in my case.




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I'm Also having this issue but don't think I can use this patch. Are there other solutions for this problem.

I'm also using TVI to provide a different view per vocabulary and in the default language al works wel untill I switch to translation of another language with a language prefix in the url.

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subscribing, greetings, Martijn

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I just added this on line 124 and it worked:

$data = (array) $data;

I'm not using tvi but got the same error.

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We had exactly the same error, not using TVI module. The patch provided in the first post fixed the problem for our Views translation 6.x-2.x-dev version.
Thank you!

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