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Thanks for this module.

I have a question about the advanced section - specifically class names. I'd like to allow certain custom class names through. I have a class name called 'user-style-title' that i would like to permit on paragraphs. I thought i would just have to add 'user-style-list' in the Class Name section (the screenshot indicates this). I add that class name (without the period) to the admin section. However, as soon as i put in that class name on a paragraph it gets stripped out.

I found that if i added 'class' to the list of permitted paragraph attributes i.e. p[class] it then works fine. However, then this lets other style names through too. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, it seems like class names attached to the span tag get through with the out-of-the-box configuration (something i noticed along the way).

Btw, I am using TinyMCE and WYSIWYG module. The filtering is happening instantly, i can tell it has been stripped by clicking the 'HTML' button and viewing the source within my editor. I hope my explantion of what is happening is clear.



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