There doesn't seem to be any carts ready for drupal 7... is drupal 6 the way to go for the time being?


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If you are wanting to build your site now, D6 is indeed the way to go. If you are willing to wait a few months then something will eventually come around for D7.

A Drunken Theory’s picture is out of alpha testing and into beta. Might be less than a few months. If you're just making a shopping cart, then there's other open source options available. My favorite is probably Open Cart, but there's a handful of other choices.

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I like Opencart but I want a blog ideally and the guys making the site are familiar with drupal & upbercart and not with OC.

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Old thread, but it ranks high for these terms in Google, so it needs an update.

How about Commerce?

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Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart is the way to go here.