Last updated 17 December 2006. Created on 17 December 2006.
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Whenever you update your CCK core code or the code of any of your CCK modules, you need to check to see if database updates are required. Do this by going to update.php. You'll find a link to that page at the top of the page where you select modules to install.

You need to check the update page even if you are not moving from 4.7 to 5.x but just updating to pick up the latest changes to 4.7 code.

When you go to the update page, you will see that the system automatically shows you a list of your installed modules with a select list next to each. Some will have numbers and others will say 'No updates available'. The modules that say 'No updates available' are fully updated and need no changes. The ones that display numbers indicate that updates are needed.

Generally you should not change the selections on that page, just submit it as-is so that your database can be updated.

This process will make changes to your database, so always make sure you have a good backup copy before you do this.

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