$.Event is not a function
[Bei diesem Fehler anhalten] this.namespace+'-state-disabled').attr...nt[prop]=event.originalEvent[prop];}}

This is thrown via Firebug and I can't change widgets thru a diffrent region. I just see a lot of dashed boxex growing under the widget I want to change.


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Okay I found out that this was a jquery problem. For some reasons drupal delivers the old jquery.js instead of the jquery update file. It works now, but I have now some other problems and ideas.

After i placed my my widgets in the areas, dashboard forgets the places and deliveer them only in the first row. So no placement is possible.

Is it possible to add support for the jquery_ui theme roller? it would be really nice if you use the them roller on your webiste and you change the theme and everything else will autmatically match to your website. I just talk about the classes and the icons in the template files. The loading of the jquery theme is still the job of the user not of this module.

Is it also possiblke if it works to place the widgets in diffrent areas as a default dashboard? Area 1 widget new posts, area 2 new users and area 3 navigation for example.

Greetings and thx for this module.

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Regarding the saving of the widgets in the different columns, there is in dashboard.js a function to save the columns and widgets (and the order of the navigation). Only those do not work very good, they only save like random when they feel it.

I am working on this, if i find a solution for the saving of the place of the widgets i will post it here.